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Wishing to Return to KDIS to Study Again and Remember the Memories

05 Nov, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,141

You were both KDIS students not long ago. Could you please tell our readers about your family’s experience?

Shokhrukh I studied at KDI School from 2014 to 2015 as part of the Development Policy program. It was my first time in a foreign country, and experiencing Korean culture and education was interesting and challenging. The orientation day and additional services, including the library and writing centre, offered by KDIS made the process easier for me. The curriculum provided by the top-notch faculty motivated me to study more and develop myself as a professional in the field of international development. Moreover, I enjoyed the special seminars, trips, and events provided by the KDIS team. I remember meeting the South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), H.E. Mr Oh Joon. KDIS gave us the opportunity to meet such a high-level government official and learn from his experience.


Feruza While I was looking to study my Master’s degree, Shokhrukh advised that I apply to KDIS. Among the majors, I opted for public management because it was new for me and related to my profession. I was lucky to b enrolled in 2018. and I still feel proud to be an alumnus of this school.


What are some of your fondest memories and experiences regarding your studies? Please tell us what you are doing now.

Shokhrukh In addition to the knowledge I obtained during my time at KDIS, I made friends from diverse cultural and work backgrounds. Each time I spoke with them, I learned about their culture and explored new worlds. We had to work on team projects with our classmates; the preparation process and presentations became my fondest experiences during my studies.

When we moved to the new campus, we had a larger dorm kitchen, which allowed us to organize various cultural events and daily international food dinners together. These were unforgettable moments of my life with my KDI School friends.


Feruza Diversity, friendship, and professionalism. I made many close friends at KDIS. We spent countless pleasant moments together not only in the classroom but also outside of school. I remember our wonderful workshop in China and other field trips that served to strengthen our knowledge. That is why I think KDIS is like a family.


During your studies at KDIS, what did you do during your spare time? Were you a member of any student forums/clubs?

Shokhrukh KDIS provides many opportunities and much funding to organize student forums and clubs. For me, this was a very important aspect of studying at KDIS. I was a member of the Europe and Central Asian Development Forum, which we organized twice during fall 2014 and spring 2015. This event provided us an opportunity to share our countries with our friends at KDIS. Moreover, during my spare time, I participated in Muslim community gatherings, the cycling club, and went on various trips with friends.

Feruza During the academic year, I was busy with a variety of duties, such as working as a library assistant, class assistant, and school promoter. Additionally, I enjoyed participating in various clubs, such as Zumba, the Korean Language class, or Muslim Community gatherings. I even organized my own badminton club, in which my friends and I enjoyed the outdoor game and ate delicious pizza.


What were your plans after you graduated, and did they coincide with your career? What knowledge and skills did you obtain at KDIS that you found to be most useful?

Shokhrukh Before joining KDIS, I planned to work in the public sector and join international organizations after gaining some experience. I was drawn to KDIS in particular because of its faculty and curriculum, as the school is designed to nurture skills that can be useful in both the government and international organizations sectors. Furthermore, the KDIS platform allowed me to meet people from both of these sectors and learn from their career paths. I believe I am on the right track now, for which KDIS laid the foundation by developing my research, analytical, communication. and writing skills.

Feruza I have continued my career as a journalist and begun a new journey in the public sector at the same time. Moreover, I have shared what I learned with my fellow teammates. My ability to work in a team and the good analytical skills I obtained while studying at KDI school help me to work on national and individual projects simultaneously.


Many thanks for your time. What final words would you like to offer to our students and readers?

Shokhrukh and Feruza We would like to say that KDIS is always developing its curriculum and the various programs it offers to new students. Therefore, every new generation of students has access to an innovative approach and education over the years. By observing this, we always wish to return to KDIS to study again and remember our fondest memories we made with our friends there. We suggest that students spend their time at KDIS passionately, learning as much as they can. Doing so would help them to achieve the next milestones in their lives.