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Who Manage KDIS Social Media? Part 2

03 Dec, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,444

The semester is almost finished. Some students are closing an important stage in their life. Some of us cannot wait until the commencement ceremony. Some students and staff have their minds already trained on their future projects. We want to honor all of the people who have made possible this amazing work on social media. The last post was about some of the members of the KDIS supporters. As I mentioned, this project depends on the News Center led by PR Division, KDI School.

In this post we are going to continue describing some of the personal and cultural aspects of the rest of the members that also are KDIS students.


Yoo Jin Nam was born on Jeju Island, in the southern city of Seogwipo, a place characterized by its incredible nature. Later on, she exchanged the beautiful waterfalls for the huge skyscrapers of Seoul, the big capital of the Republic of Korea, where she has spent most of her life. Her favorite place in Seoul is Younnamdong because of its many fancy places and of course she enjoys visiting her hometown on Jeju. Yoo Jin is now studying for a masters in Development Policy (MDP) at KDIS but she has previously studied culture and anthropology at Yonsei University. Her favorite food is kimchi soup and Tteok-bokki . It’s important to mention that she loves to travel and meet new friends.

Location and Waterfall at Seogwipo. Picture taken by: Heejoon Jin. Source Google Maps.

Tteok-bokki   Source: Pinterest Younnamdong Source:

Yoo Jin in Porto, Portugal (2019).                              Yoo Jin’s pet.


The last member to describe is one of the students who comes from one of the furthest countries of we can find at KDIS. Jose de Jesus Calderon Anton also called Chuy by its friends. He comes from one of Mexico’s cultural capitals, Guadalajara. This city is characterized by its historic downtown which remains as symbol of the colonial heritage from the kingdom of New Spain.

Location and image of Guadalajara                           Sources: google.maps and Jalisco Chingon Facebook.

Chuy is currently studying for his masters in Public Policy (MPP). He has previously studied urban and environmental planning at Guadalajara University (CUAAD- UDG). He likes Mexican food specially “tacos al pastor” and travel a lot.

Tacos al pastor: Source Wikilimon.                      University Centre of Art, Architecture and Design