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Who Manage KDIS Social Media? Part 1

19 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,967

KDI School gathered student supporters to spread news about daily life, academics, sports and cultural events through social networks. This semester the team comprised members from different nationalities, languages, cultures, customs and traditions who manage the KDIS Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook channels. During our group meetings it is always fun to share our similarities, differences, and experiences at each stage in Korea from our own personal perspective. We have been working hard to keep you updated and share the most important news that is happening in our school. For your interest, here is a brief introduction of two of our Fall 2019 supporters.

Naihean Huo is a current MPM Spring 2019 student from Cambodia. As a result of her long academic journey, she has achieved two bachelor’s degrees: the first in English Language and Literature at the University of Cambodia, and the second in Finance and Banking at the National University of Management. She is also a candidate for a master’s degree in Educational Administration at the University of Cambodia. She was born and grew up in Tbuong Khmom Province (ខេត្តត្បូងឃ្មុំ), after which she moved to live her own life in the capital, Phnom Penh (រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ) ,where she has resided for ten years. As an independent woman, she loves exploring something new by traveling and capturing beautiful pictures. Her most favorite place in Cambodia is Siem Reap Province where Angkor Wat Temple and other historical ancient temples are located. “Amok” and “Nom Banh Chok” are famous Khmer dishes that she would like to introduce.

The main reasons she decided to come to Korea are “to pursue a higher degree with a global education and expert professionalism at KDI School in a developed country, to build worldwide networks with international students, and to experience living in a country that is both peaceful and popular with a beautiful culture and range of lifestyles.”

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Khaung Myitzu Hane, known by her friends just as Khaung, is a MPM 2019 fall student who was born in a town in Yangon, Kyee-Myin-Daing Township ကြည့်မြင်တိုင် in Myanmar. She possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (University of Pharmacy Yangon) and a Master’s degree in Public Health (Chulalongkorn University Thailand). Talking about food, her favorite dish is called Mont hin khar. This it is a soup-based food made of fish and other ingredients which can be enjoyed with rice noodles.

Her favorite place is a town called Kalaw. It’s high up in the mountains, so the weather is always cool and pleasant and there are lots of fresh fruits and delicious local foods to try. The nature is still unspoiled and she describes it as a beautiful hill town.

She explained the reason she came to Korea as, “Because of Hallyu wave (K-pop and K-drama), I became interested in Korean and wanted to learn the language, but I think the process of learning a language is not complete if you don’t also understand the culture and its people, so I wanted to live in Korea to experience it. Also, I feel the need to conduct further study to enhance my career. I looked for opportunities where I could pursue a Master’s Degree in Korea which meets both of my needs.”


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I hope reading this post you can know a little bit more about the people that are regular contributors to our social media. The next two supporters are going to be shown in the following post.