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What’s in Your Bag? Fathimath Zeyna Abdulla Saeed (2021 MPM)

29 Jul, 2021 KDIS News Center 581

Have you ever wondered what the busy, ambitious, and hard-working KDI School students keep in their bags? And what can we learn about other students from taking a peek at the every day items they have in their bags?

This article unpacks this question by exploring how the every day items in our bags tell a story and say a lot about who we are. At first glance, it may look like nothing special. Just another ordinary, mundane bag. Some people choose bags with great care, carefully researching different types and styles before selecting one to suit their specific needs and habits. Others care more about maximizing quality in relation to cost. Regardless of how people acquire their bags, it is also interesting to take a look inside their bags for the quirky things that may be important and unique to that person.

To discover more on this topic, we enlisted the help of a fellow KDI student. As we put our fellow classmate’s bag under the microscope, we will find out what bag-sized possessions they own, specifically the ones that have made their way to the top of their bag list. This list goes beyond the typical items found in student bags, to include seasonal items too.

Can you guess what is in your fellow classmate’s bag? Let’s take a look inside and see what we find. Ready? Set? Go!


A peek inside Zeyna Saeed’s Bag

We interviewed Zeyna Abdulla Saeed, an MPM ‘21 student from the Maldives who works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in her home country. She has a broad range of interests and is passionate about global affairs, the political economy, traveling, and learning Korean. Zeyna took us on a personal tour of her bag’s contents and this was our conversation:


Thank you for agreeing to let us see inside your bag! First off, what does a typical day look like for you?
I’m usually pretty busy with classes and class prep, on top of my other priorities. So, I usually keep a variety of things with me in my bag, in case I can’t get back to the dorm as planned.

What’s top of mind for you when choosing a backpack for every day use?
It depends, but my decision is usually based on comfort first and foremost. My bag should be big enough to fit both my laptop and my books.


And now the big question of the hour that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue: what’s in your bag?
Books, laptop, snacks, a packet of tissues, make-up, an umbrella, a handheld fan, and so forth.


Why did you choose this bag? How long have you had it? Do you think you need a new one?
It was very comfortable and suited all my needs in terms of size. I’ve had it now for 4 years. So, yes, I do need a new one, preferably something along similar lines.


Let’s talk more in-depth about the items in your bag.
So, generally, I carry items around with me that I’m more likely to use or need on a daily basis such as hand sanitizer and tissues (neither of which I can live without). Next, I keep a few snacks on me because I feel dizzy if I don’t eat enough, especially when I’m busy. On a practical note, I carry an umbrella. I got drenched one day and realized I needed to carry one with me for precisely that reason. My umbrella saves the day every time it rains! Right now it’s the rainy season in Korea, so I really need this more than ever.


Do you carry anything that’s of sentimental value, perhaps with a special memory attached?
In my wallet, I keep my student ID card from my undergraduate school days. I don’t have any need it at all but can’t seem to let go, so it stays with me in my wallet.


In your opinion, what does your bag say about you?
That’s a great question! Actually, it says a lot. It tells us more about the type of person you are from the things you keep in it. It gives clues to your personality and allows for privacy, which is why it’s not nice to go through someone else’s bag as there may also be personal items inside. For me personally, my bag shows that I care about tidiness. I like cleaning out my bag daily (I clean out the tissues, wrappers, and other disposable items).

Thank you for showing us your bag Zeyna!