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What If I Am Notified That I Have Been in Close Contact with Covid-19?

14 Sep, 2021 KDIS News Center 2,060

As the situation becomes more serious, KDIS community members need to be well aware of how to respond in case of an actual situation.

Mr. Taesub Kim, KDI School Nurse, kindly provides us a scenario to let KDIS community adapt what to do if someone were notified of having been in close contact with a Covid-19 patient.

[Situation Arises]

Mr. Strong Contact, a staff member working in the “mask wearing” team at KDI Graduate School, receives a text message from a mysterious contact at 2 p.m.
‘You have been identified as having had close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient. Please come to the screening clinic immediately, get tested, and then self-isolate.’

Mr. Strong Contact: My heart is pounding thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump … I am sweating a lot…I don’t know what to do!

Huh… Am I a close contact? Oh my god!! I have an important event tomorrow. What should I do?

Oh, no… Do I have to come to the screening center now?

Please… I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet…

(After pondering for a while) First of all, I have to inform the Covid-19 operation center of KDI School!

Hang on, it’d be dangerous to be in the office. What am I supposed to do then?

(After pondering) That’s right! There’s a Temporary Quarantine Room on the second floor of our common building!

First, I have to go there and inform Nurse Kim.

[Move to Temporary Quarantine Room]

Running to the temporary quarantine room on the second floor of the common building.

Mr. Fever, Team Leader: Where is he going? Why is he running so quickly?

After arriving in the temporary isolation room, Mr. Strong Contact immediately took his body temperature using the tympanic thermometer placed on the desk, and it is measured at 37.1°C.

Mr. Strong Contact: Phew…I’m glad I don’t have a fever! I should still wear a mask though.

Let’s make a call to Taesub Kim, the KDIS Nurse!

Nurse Taesub Kim: Hello, this is Taesub Kim. How can I help you?

(After getting information from Mr. Strong Contact) You must have been very surprised! Just calm down for a moment.

Where are you calling from now?

Mr. Strong Contact: Right after reading the response manual, I came to the temporary quarantine room on the second floor and called.

My body temperature was 37.1°C!

Nurse Taesub Kim: You have read the the Covid-19 operation center manual carefully! You did so well.

Do you currently have any other abnormal symptoms such as cough, runny nose, or sore throat?

Mr. Strong Contact: Actually, I slept with the window open last night. 

When I woke up in the morning, my neck felt a little swollen.

Nurse Taesub Kim:  Okay, from now on, you must act on the premise that you may be a confirmed patient.

You have to go for a screening test first.

Do you have a personal vehicle?

Mr. Strong Contact: No. I don’t have a car, so I guess I’ll have to use public transport.

Is it okay that I take the bus to the screening clinic?

Nurse Taesub Kim: No! Never take the bus.

First, call the public health center at 044-301-2840 and ask if they can send you an ambulance.

If this is difficult, take a taxi, but be sure to take a picture of the boarding time and license plate and keep the pictures.

Mr. Strong Contact: Then I’ll take a taxi!

Oh, I have run out of food.

After the test, it’s okay to stop by the store in front of my house and go shopping, right?

Nurse Taesub Kim: Never! Since the public health center has notified you of an exposure, you must not come into contact with other people and cannot visit multiple facilities.

After the test, you must go home immediately. It’s difficult, but you have to ask someone else to deliver the food or order it.

If you order food, ask the deliveryman to leave it at the door instead of delivering it to you directly!

Mr. Strong Contact: I understand.

Then, I will go to the team leader and explain the situation at the inspection station. 

Nurse Taesub Kim: Wait a moment!

Report it to the team leader right now on the phone.

When you’re ready, don’t talk to anyone else in the meanwhile; go to the office, pack your bags, and come out quietly!

Mr. Strong Contact: I guess that would be good. I’ll report it to my team leader over the phone, sir!

Nurse Taesub Kim:Mr. Strong Contact, do you know anyone who had lunch with you today?

Are there people who took off their masks and shared conversations with you or have had close contact with you?

Mr. Strong Contact: Let me see… Four of us ate and drank tea together: the team leader Mr. Fever, Mr. No Facemask, Mr. Sneeze Guard from the Good Ventilation team, and Mr. No Sign from Washing Hands team.

Nurse Taesub Kim: Got it. You must have eaten in a space with screens?

If not, did you talk while wearing a mask except when drinking?

Mr. Strong Contact: Well…

To be honest, I ate delivery food in a place with no screens.

We took off our masks even when we had a talk together.

Nurse Taesub Kim: You didn’t follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

From now on, please be sure to eat in a place with a screen.

All staffs whom you ate with today should also be tested.

Mr. Strong Contact: Huh… Really? Wouldn’t it be okay if I got tested and it says I am okay?

Nurse Taesub Kim: It would be great for me too, but there is a possibility that you are a confirmed patient. 

In that case, other people may be classified as close exposures,

The public health center also recommends that all of these cases be tested in advance.

Mr. Strong Contact

That’s right. I’m so sorry for the others.

From now on, I will be sure to follow the COVID-19 guidelines you gave me.

Nurse Taesub Kim: Usually, the result text is sent around 9 o’clock the next day after the test, so make sure to let me know as soon as you receive it!

Mr. Strong Contact: All right. I will contact you as soon as the result is out!

Nurse Taesub Kim: If you experience any abnormal symptoms such as fever or cough during the two weeks of self-quarantine, please do not hesitate to contact the public health center and let us know.

I hope you test negative tomorrow! If you experience any abnormal symptoms such as fever or cough during the two weeks of self-quarantine, please do not hesitate to contact the public health center and let us know. I hope you test negative tomorrow!