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We Warmly Welcome The New Dormitory Assistants

10 Jul, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,902

Dormitory life is no doubt the hallmark of a student’s life. At KDIS, the two dormitories have been a haven for students, enabling them to mingle and form lifelong friendships. As facilities are shared, be it the kitchen, rooms, laundry machines, and elsewhere, one learns to be considerate, patient and caring. In addition to schooling, the experience molds you into the best version of yourself. Well, when chatting about dormitory life at KDIS, it’s impossible not to mention the Dormitory Assistants (DAs). From time immemorial, they have played an integral role in enhancing the quality of student life within the dormitory environs.

Under the leadership and stewardship of Mark Aboagye (2018 MPM), the 2019/2020 team of DAs have worked hard, managing to pull off a feat that it will be a challenge for future DAs to match. The team members include Piiga Souleymane Yameogo (2018 MPP), Olabanji Samuel Ogunjobi (2018 MPP), Jimmy Langford (2018 MPM), Jazmin Ageeb (2019 MPM), Seyoung Park (2019 MDP), Seonghee Kang (2019 MDP), Mulenga Bodwine (2019 MDP), and Jin Chinny Cruz (2019 MDP). Some of their roles have been (but not limited to) receiving new students and checking them into their respective rooms, guiding students how to live by and follow dormitory regulations, resolving emerging conflicts, and addressing emergencies. Of particular note, is how the team adjusted to the new COVID-19 demands, guiding dormitory students to adhere to the new rules as stipulated by the school. With dormitory life having been changed beyond recognition thanks to the stringent measures now in place, it was hard for students to adjust. There was constant talk of social distancing measures, early kitchen closures, weekly fumigations, and continuously wearing face masks. And so, reminding them to observe these new measures was a bit of a herculean task. However, the DAs graciously accepted these new roles and delivered what was asked of them.

On the 3rd of July, the time had come for them to pass on the mantle. The outgoing team convened with new DAs for an hour-long meeting to orient the newbies and oversee their induction into their DA positions. The session was presided over [OR: facilitated by] by Mark Aboagye, in the presence of Mr. Lee Byungkwon, the KDIS head of Student Affairs Division and Ms. Lee Hayoung, Officer-in-Charge of Dormitory Management, Student Affairs Division. Mark took the new dormitory assistants through the rudiments of DA life. He emphasized the need to stay firm but approachable and accommodate the students as much as possible while on duty.  When asked about their experience, Bodwine Mulenga confessed that he was going to miss the constant student interaction. “Through this position I interacted with a lot of students and made lots of friends while at it. I will miss that.”

The new Dormitory assistants are Abdulkadir Kabiru (2020 MPP), Stephie Anderson (2020 MDP), Banda Tito (2020 MPP), Asel Boskebeeva (2020 MDP), Sotheana Chheum (2020 MPP), Nargiza Khamidova (2019 MPP), Socrates Luseka (2019 MDP), Gabriel Mico (2020 MDP), and Edgar Joshua (2020 MDP). Since Jin Chinny Cruz is staying on, she will carry on alongside the new team. The team has already hit the ground running. Banda Tito cannot wait to pick up from where the outgoing team has left off. “I look forward to serving students and basically leaving my mark in a positive way” he said.

They will be working with outgoing DAs in the July period and then take over fully in August.