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We Are Thankful for Being Able to Give Thanks

26 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,980

In every hour, every moment, and every day of our lives, we all have many different encounters and happenings. While trying to lead a hectic life, we sometimes forget to take a moment to appreciate and be thankful for what is given to us.

Now, it’s that time of year where we can take a pause, look back on all of these life endeavors, and give our heartfelt thanks.

Yes, it’s thanksgiving time.

KDI School Christian Fellowship organizes a Thanksgiving event every year and invites everyone to gather on this beautiful occasion. This year also, the Christian Fellowship arranged a Thanksgiving gathering on the evening of November 17th at Food for Thought Lounge. Despite the chilly weather, the lounge became warm in no time with sincere greetings and the sound of laughter of KDIS family. Friends from many different countries around the world with various backgrounds gathered to share their stories and what they felt thankful for.

The event was started with an opening greeting and explanation about Thanksgiving Day. Then it continued with the participants sharing about the things they were thankful for in their lives. One friend shared a cute story of being thankful for the little traffic light that prevents traffic accidents. Another friend talked about his near-death experience of encountering muggers and how he escaped. Some of our friends brought out laughter by recounting how they felt thankful for being able to endure all the stresses during their academic journey and how they had successfully passed their thesis proposal exam.

All of the stories shared by our friends conveyed various emotions to our hearts. It was such a colorful evening filled with sympathy, concern, affection, and warmth. Before the closing of the event, everyone proceeded to sing “Give Thanks” accompanied with a guitar and piano played by our talented KDIS students. The beautiful melody filled the lounge and fit perfectly with the lovely evening. The event concluded with a delicious dinner arranged by the organizing team, and we all enjoyed it thankfully.

Like our friends said, there are just so many reasons in life for us to feel thankful. For being healthy and happy, for being able to study at this KDI School and most of all, for meeting all the great people who will become our lifelong friends.

Give thanks with a grateful heart (with a grateful heart)
Give thanks to the Holy One (to the Holy One)
Give thanks

(Give Thanks by Don Moen)