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Urbanization in Mongolia : the Asia Foundation- KDI School Asia Development Partnership Program

01 Dec, 2014 News Center 906

Since 2008, the Asia Foundation and the KDI School have run a program called “International Development Cooperation Asia Fellowship,” to strengthen the competence of executives in Development Cooperation organizations, Foreign Aid organizations as well as NGO professionals and Korean government officials. This initiative is to assist Korea’s effective enforcement of developing country’s Development and Cooperation program.

The training visit was operated under the theme of ‘Urbanization and Development Cooperation’ for a week, and Mongolia had been elected as the visited country. Through visiting and proceeding meetings with the Mongolian government, along with various multilateral organizations and international organizations, the goal was to understand the development status and seek coalition relationships with the Development and Cooperation plan in Mongolia.

In the case of Mongolia, rapid urbanization is taking place due to concentrated economic development, and arising problems are being criticized as factors that disturb the national development. The Mongolian government is targeting development of other regions and population dispersion in response through national development plans.

With deciding urbanization problems as the subject of training in the upcoming 2015, it is an appropriate decision to visit Mongolia where urbanization is a typical issue. The training visit lasted from September 20 to 28, including arrival and departure. Main tasks were understanding the urbanization of Ulaanbaatar and development of Ger area. An overall comprehension of the Mongolian history, social and political aspects was required, and efforts to understand different perspectives from different interest groups.