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The United Nations, International Peace, and Security

17 Apr, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,199

Peace has been elusive especially over the last two decades. The world has been witnessing growing waves of hatred turning into full-fledged movements that are demanding an end to the cherished era of globalization. Although the establishment of the United Nations, after World War II has prevented any single country from dictating its terms in every agreement or interaction, to a large extent, countries had been marching in same the rhythm to achieve peace and shared prosperity.

Throughout the history of human-kind, the only thing that has dominated every sphere of life is the act of “fighting” for food, security and territory. In the pursuit of more of these goods, first every clan, then every civilization, and now every country has developed advanced systems of weaponry to retain dominance over others thus threatening global peace and security. These were the remarks shared by H.E. Prof. Oh Joon during his special lecture at KDI School. This special lecture was a joint effort of the International Relations Forum and Middle East Forum of KDI School held at Ambassador Hall on April 13, 2019.

Prof. Oh Joon was of the opinion that the rise in extreme sentiments across the world is emerging as a potential threat that could derail the evolution of multilateralism. The historically significant events of Brexit, President Trumps election based on his rhetoric of “Make America Great Again” Israel’s forced occupation and annexation of Palestinian territories, the global economic slowdown, the US-China Trade war, the situation in Iran and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities were identified by him as evidence of this new radical shift.

In his concluding remarks he urged the participants to celebrate and promote diversity and reminded them that the world cannot afford a new era of hostility. Therefore, as future leaders of their countries they must stand up and lead the way in resisting these false ideologies based on vested interests.

Anees Abbas (2018 MPP, Pakistan)