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The Ultimate KDIS Bucket List

25 Jun, 2021 KDIS News Center 690

Well, you are finally living in the moment you’ve always wished for! You’ve gone abroad for your master’s, you’re in Korea, and you’re meeting new people from all around the world. What more could you ask for??? But beyond that, we all know that students always have high expectations and ambitions wherever they travel! Since you won’t get to relive this moment and you’ll be in a 9-5 job in no time, we thought it would be great to sum up the “Ultimate Uni bucket list” for you guys to cross off before you go back home!

These are some of the things that our own KDI students wanted to do before graduating.

Well, it is no surprise that during this pandemic, when we’re all cooped up in our rooms, behind our masks, living a normal life is what anyone would ask for. So most students prayed for an offline class, a field trip, an outdoor concert, and at least for a sports meet outside the dorms.

2) Volunteering
As you might have known before the pandemic KDIS hosted a number of volunteer events for students; but this time, it’s just a matter of crossing our fingers. If any student wants to get involved with charity work, I think it’s a good idea for you to register for the school clubs that have a few offline activities in the surrounding areas this summer.

3) Pull an all-nighter
Be at the library trying to meet a deadline, strolling around the city, trying to catch the last bus to school, or even dancing a night away with your friends, you will definitely have to pull out one of these. If not now, then when? Go out there and live it up while the night is still young!

4) Learn to Cook
Here at KDIS, the dormitory kitchens can be crazy sometimes. The smells, the dishes, and the cooking styles vary each day. Some cook together, some blend their cultures through their cooking, sometimes the food is edible, and sometimes it must be thrown away immediately! Therefore, I think everyone at the KDIS dormitories can definitely cross this one off their bucket lists after a few months of living there! If you say you can’t cook, then, my friend, you are not living the right kind of life at KDIS!

5) Graduate
Since most of you had this on your bucket list, my guess is that your studies are getting a bit hard now! But trust me, all you need to do is breathe, enjoy your stay, do group studies, communicate if you have problems or issues, ask for help when you need it, because, trust me, here at KDIS, no one says “no” unless it’s impossible. They will at least guide you to someone who can help you! So don’t be a loner, smile the day off with a whisper to yourself, “you’re doing fine.” Complimenting yourself is the best way to get out of a hard day!

Well, while these are the items that you guys told me about, let me suggest a few new ones to add to the list:

6) Take as many photos and videos as you can
Before leaving Korea, make sure you visit a selfie booth where you can have your fun with your friends at least once. When you are back at home, you need pictures to boast about that amazing life you lived in Korea. Your pictures will also serve as a reminder of how hard you worked and how sweet life can be!

7) Call Home
While you are living out the best days of your life, never forget to ring your loved ones back home. When you are busy here, they are constantly thinking about you! Check in at least least once a day see how things are back at home!

So never lose focus or let go of yourself, and never forget who you are and what you want! Signing off in hopes I’ll see all of you in green graduate caps soon. Good Luck!