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The Sports Park Was Filled with Color and Diversity on Sports Day

01 Oct, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,305

On a warm and sunny summer day, we began with excitement to experience a day expected by many. Students, families, staff and academics gathered on the pitch to practice the values of competition, leadership, companionship, friendship and team performance.

The event began with motivational words imparted by Associate Dean Jung Kwon towards the participants, who impatiently looked forward to the start of the games on a day worth remembering.

This year, the participants were divided into four teams (green, pink, yellow and white) and competed in shoe throwing, an air balloon race, tug of war, a plate flip game, dodge ball, a relay race and a soccer contest. This social mass meeting served as a platform for strengthening the bonds of friendship among the intercontinental communities.

The stretching and warming-up work began immediately and was imparted by the representatives Kim, Seon-Young “Nicky” (Korea), Mohammad Wali Miher Ahadi (Afghanistan) and Paola Suntaxi (Ecuador).

The MCs were Tabatha Cantu from Mexico and Jazmin Ageeb Cerdenares from the Bahamas, who motivated the players to compete and have fun during the sports day.

Our friends from the Philippines, Isabella Millanes, Samantha Chico and Celso Villaluz, were present and supportive of their respective teams.

This was an unprecedented occasion for people from the East and West African coast to be united: Vallai Dorley from Liberia and Socrates J. Luseka from Kenya, two African students of KDI School.

The pink team had the peculiarity of containing representatives from all the five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania). It was unusual that despite this, they together had the same, single strategy. This team managed to dramatically get on the scoreboard and win the competition.

What happened was amazing: Professor Kim Dongseok led the white team to victory during the dodgeball match.

Caroline Nfornah and Cahya Widi proudly supported their teams and, at the same time, represented Indonesia and Cameroon.

Socrates Luseka (Kenya) helped Assan (Gambia) after falling in the playground. There was no time to give up, and your teammate was there to help you.

The was great attendance in this enclosure—some on the field and some under the tents. The games were dramatic, defined by their intensity. As though it were an intercontinental tournament, some competitors were key figures in their teams and helped to achieve the necessary victories to accumulate points while at the same time experience the sensation of well-being through laughing and exercising.

The event became intense during dodgeball, a sport of high competitive nature and excitement. The first times were even, disputed, with options on both sides.

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated moments was the soccer game. The skill of the players from Central Asia, Africa and Korea was demonstrated on the field. The first half was a great start, but the game became more interesting as the minutes passed, full of individual technical skills on both sides. Awesome annotations were witnessed. The participation of Taesub Kim, Zamani (Afghanistan), Aziz (Uzbekistan) and Net (Liberia) was highlighted. Despite the intense dispute over the ball on the field, the game remained friendly. Some players prevented their teams from being declassified in miraculous fashion. Others who were close to achieving resounding defeats managed to achieve valuable victories in the end. The intense heat of the sun was not a limitation for demonstrating the best skills on the field.

The atmosphere of competition did not prevent everyone from enjoying the rhythms of Africa, which put the event into a party at halftime.

Students of many nationalities celebrated their teams’ victories with the same joy of experiencing a carnival.

One of the most exciting moments was witnessed during the relay race. It was possible to observe the surprise gestures of some spectators, who were amazed by the competition. In the end, a teammate from Nigeria erupted the excitement of the green team’s fans by winning a point at this stage. Some teams felt the taste of defeat and exhaustion, but this did not prevent them from receiving recognition from their rivals during the game and gaining friendships in life.

At the culmination, the special guest of sports day was interculturality, an empathic gesture that will be engraved in our memories for the remainder of our lives and a memorable day when a great variety of nationalities and cultures met to speak a universal language: the sports spirit that reminds us to strive day by day and motivate ourselves to achieve our goals in work or in an academic context and improve the healthy lifestyle.