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The Importance of Traveling

06 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,625

Over the years, technology has advanced to a point where it has facilitated humanity to achieve things that previously seemed unimaginable in a world dominated by the exchange of people, goods, and services. Intercontinental journeys that used to last for up to several months in unhealthy ships can now be achieved in a matter of hours and with extreme ease and cost, compared to other times.

The controversial past explorers of the world (for example, Humboldt, Marco Polo, Zheng He) undertook trips to leave their lives behind; they decided to transform themselves along with the history of the world, revolutionizing thought, expanding their exploratory spirit, risking their resources and lives. Transcending has always been a human need, for this reason, we must feel privileged and take advantage of being born at this time, with these conditions. Moving is the best way to keep your body and mind healthy, some people suggest that traveling can cure xenophobia.

Modern society has evolved in parallel with the new technological systems, and now, with globalization, the values of universality, hypermobility, multiculturalism, and connectivity are fuel for human development and intellect. A journey can help to unfold your potential.

Being accepted on a postgraduate degree program (master’s or doctorate) is one of the best feelings that a human being can have. Moreover/ Furthermore/ In addition, beyond knowledge in classrooms and books, learning from people about their culture, language, traditions, religion, and way of life enhances the purest desires at the heart of our condition as social beings and in constant learning.

I am not saying that it is easy to be a migrant and to be in constant movement. It implies a challenge to one’s destiny, in other words, it’s a dialectical struggle between your fears and ambitions to embark on an adventure towards the unknown and not lag in such a competitive world.

Pioneering the future, KDI offers a unique experience (in classrooms and beyond) gathering creative talents from around the five continents, creating a unique international environment to make professional connections with the world, but at the same time expanding spirit in an academic experience on a global scale.

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge yo ur limits.” Anonymous