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The gift of our alumni: tree donation

01 May, 2015 News Center 1,355

On April 23rd, 2015, the representatives of the KDI School’s alumni came to the Sejong campus of the KDI School to participate in a tree planting event. Before planting the trees, they took a tour around the new campus. The alumni were very impressed by the smart library systems and the beautiful campus view. A pine tree, donated by the KDI School Alumni Association, was planted first, followed by an apricot tree, donated by the 2004 alumni, which was planted in front of the KDI School building.

According to Confucianism, pine trees are the symbol of fidelity, which was considered an important quality amongst scholars of Korean history. On the other hand, the Apricot tree is one of the Four Gracious Plants that signify virtue and integrity, especially that of scholars. The alumni hope that the current and future students of the KDI School possess those qualities and are reminded of them every time they pass by the trees planted today.

By Sojeong Lisa Jeong [2015 MDP, Korea]