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The African Development Forum: A dynamic platform for future leaders to be a united voice for Africa

01 May, 2017 News Center 1,305


The first meeting of the KDI African Development Forum (ADF) for 2017 welcomed students from 20 countries along with Dr. Stephen KLINGEBIEL, the Head of Department at the German Development Institute and co-author of “The Fragmentation of Aid: Concepts, Measurements and Implications for Development Cooperation”. Dr. KLINGEBIEL’s attendance at the forum was made possible through the friendly relationship between the forum and the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre. Ms. Eddah DUNCAN, the serving president of the Forum, opened discussions by giving a basic overview of the forum’s purpose, objectives and highlighting the past achievements and upcoming events. She ended her presentation on a note of encouragement to new students being involved in the forum’s discussions.

Mrs. June Kim from the KDIS Student Affairs Division who is in charge of various student forums on the school’s campus expressed gratitude towards Dr. KLINGEBIEL for making a presentation at the first spring semester meeting of the ADF forum. She indicated that his presence and support of the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre was greatly valued by the School and expressed that, “the African Development Forum is one of the most active forums on KDI School”. She encouraged that with continued policy discussions the forum will only grow to add to the students’ knowledge of Africa’s Development, thus creating specialists in this area.

Special Guest Speaker, Dr. KLINGEBIEL’s presentation focused on the Fragmentation of Aid – a topic based on a book he co-authored and recently launched. He explored the way in how aid was delivered in Africa and drives the propensity to give aid. In his discussions, he address the political atmosphere of aid and what it means when one speaks of donor interested and the implications for recipient countries. With a fulfilling discussion with the forum, Dr. KLINGEBIEL concluded his discussion by presenting two copies of his book on Fragmentation of Aid to the African Development Forum and KDI School.

The book co-authored by Dr. KLINGEBIEL is based on ideas generated in an international academic conference organized by the German Development Institute in 2013. The book comprises of four main topics covering measurement of fragmentation, drivers and actors of fragmentation, consequences and impacts of fragmentation and policies to address fragmentation.

The African Development forum is a social platform of the KDI School that aims to bring students, especially of African origin studying at KDI School of Public Policy and Management together to discuss, share and promote awareness of the various socio-economic, cultural, political, institutional or environmental development issues confronting Africa’s development. The forum’s aim is to develop leaders and experts from KDI with a vision of integrating Africa through discussion and visionary policy making. The KDI School supports this forum, among others, by working with other experts to facilitate discussions with its members in the hopes of nurturing future visionaries.

By Tracy Amanda SMITH [2017 MPP, Guyana]