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[Teaching@KDIS] Professor Siwook Lee_Student interview

25 Feb, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,016

I believe that the best lecture is one that delivers not only knowledge, but also shows the learners how to utilize the knowledge shared practically in the course of further studies. The “Theory and Policy of International Trade” course by Professor Siwook Lee during the Fall semester of 2017 exactly matched my criteria for the best kind of and most useful of lectures.

It is a meaningful and impressive course for me not only because of his class materials. With respect to other classes, they are normally concentrated on delivering relevant knowledge. Therefore, I sometimes doubt whether I can utilize the knowledge that I have learned. But, the class by Professor Siwook Lee fulfills what I wanted to learn to the letter.

This course is all about theories of international trade, from classical to modern theories. Thus, it focuses on learning further about the kind of policies that were implemented in the modern era. For half of the semester, the lecture focuses more on theories to analyze existing policies of international trade. After learning said theories, the professor provides some practical examples with which to practice the theories that the students have learned. For example, the professor gives us a tariff barrier situation that occurred in connection to the USA and other countries, such as Korea and China. Also, students study economic theories related to tariffs in order to be able to analyze it on their own. This kind of activity is necessary so that students can absorb the knowledge required for a variety of cases.

Moreover, the professor is always open to answering any questions from the students. Some students have difficulty learning these theories because their backgrounds are not trade or economics. They are sometimes confused about similar theories that they had learned in class. To solve this problem, the professor provides deep explanation, using plain words until they understand thoroughly. He is always open to the students’ questions during the lecture about trade policies for further study, thesis or SRP.

Therefore, students who have an interest in trade and industrial policy, and who also want to grasp more concrete and practical ideas about international trade are recommended to enroll in the “Theory and Policy of International Trade” course.


Sehee Kwak, 2016 MDP Student