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Summer vacations enrich KDIS students

09 Oct, 2018 News Center 1,535

Who doesn’t look forward to the summer vacation and everything that it brings? It is the favorite season for the students of KDIS because summer is the harbinger of a one-month long vacation that allows them to relax, learn, network, and earn!

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the holiday destinations of our KDIS students.

Sumi from Mongolia was one of five students who got selected for the 10th Euro-Asia Summer School. It is an annual event held as a joint program by KU Leuven in Belgium, Hitotsubashi U in Japan, Seoul National University, and KDI School. As a result, her vacation was all about learning from world-famous scholars as well as exploring several exciting places in Belgium and Japan.

“Thanks to this truly global summer school, I have not only realized that international cooperation is vital in tackling global issues but there is also the opportunity for a broader relationship between European and Asian countries for the future. As part of the younger generation in this increasingly interconnected world, I had this unique opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally. It was a wonderful experience for the five of us to meet many outstanding professionals and young students from Europe and Asia from whom I learned a lot. It is a vibrant platform for young talents to meet and interact with one another and participate in inter-cultural discourses on global governance,” said Sumi.

Patty from the Philippines remained in Korea for her month-long vacation, but she wasn’t being idle. “Korea is very close to the Philippines and that’s why I had many friends visiting me. I spent two weeks touring with my Filipino friends. We went to different sites around Korea so that they could get the taste of life here. The fun part was I got to exercise my learning of the Korean language while navigating the group.”

Patty pointed out that, “Another highlight of my vacation was joining the week-long Korean Field Research and Study Trip (KFRS). Fifty-six students set out on the morning of August 7 to visited the centers of Korean Heritage and Economic Development, Pohang city and Gyeongju.  The trip focused on exploring the Korean fascinating historical past as well as understanding the brand new outlook on Korea’s modern economy.”

Dammika holds her internship certificate (in the middle).

Dammika from Sri Lanka called it her most productive vacation ever. “I got this special opportunity to intern at the Sejong City Hall. It was an amazing experience to be spending my vacation working and learning about the Korean work culture. I am a government officer back home and this experience helped me know what makes an organization successful. Koreans are so hardworking and it is coupled with efficiency! Their politeness and respect for each other is an important trait I admire.”

The Sejong City Hall internship is one of the notable initiatives of the KDI School aimed at providing international students the knowledge of Korean work culture while also paying them a generous stipend during the internship. Ten international students participated in the summer internship at the Sejong City Hall.

KDI School also provided many other internship opportunities for the international students at agencies like K-Water and the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (KRIHS).

Wherever you went and whatever you did, we hope that all the students of KDIS had a wonderful summer vacation, but are ready now to take on the challenges of the Autumn academic season.

By Tshering CHOKI (2018 MDP, Bhutan)