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Summer internships thrill, empower international students

20 Nov, 2018 KDIS News Center 1,517

The international students hold their internship certificate at the ceremony.


High exposure to government sectors and institutions,
Unique opportunities to work alongside professionals


Summer vacation is the season when international students at the KDI School get a special opportunity to enter real-life work places, collaborating with professionals to gain sound work experience, enhance practical skills and improve their resumes. Getting an internship overseas does wonders for a student’s personality and confidence as they face the challenges of learning about another country’s people, society and culture and ways of working.

This is why KDI School has created several internship programs and opportunities for international students during their summer vacation. The students are facilitated to work in different government sectors, such as the Sejong City Hall, Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) and Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS).

This year, 11 students were able to serve as interns in different sectors — eight students in Sejong City Hall, two at K-Water and one at KRIHS.  The 2018 summer internship opportunities enabled them to gain invaluable work experience under the wings of professional experts.

Mohammad Yasin SAMIM (MPM 2018, Afghanistan), who worked as a global intern at the Policy Planning Office of Sejong City Hall, shared his experience: “The internship with  the Sejong City administration was very useful, for many reasons. First, we learned more about Korean culture and history. Second, we became familiar with the local governance system in Korea and experienced working within a different organizational structure and culture. Finally, we learned about the distinctive decentralized approach that has been implemented in Korea since 2002 giving more autonomy to local governance and opportunities for citizens to participate in policy making and service deliveries.”

Ranat RYSBEK KIZI (MPP 2017, Kyrgyzstan) who got the chance to work for K-Water’s Overseas Business Division. She shared her impressions about her experience.“The chance of being an intern at Korea Water Resources Corporation was a truly memorable experience in my life. Under the leadership of my amazing mentors at the Overseas Business Division, I got involved in actual project implementation practices which upgraded my knowledge and skills to the professional level. I really enjoyed the Korean working etiquette at office. Working side by side with my colleagues, I got inspired by their strong devotion to what they do, and their sense of mission. My biggest takeaway is the life-long network and friendships with top professionals forged through this invaluable experience.”

This is not the first time that KDI is partnering with local and international organizations to empower international students with career development opportunities for students. Each year, many students are linked to various organizations for internship and capacity. Such organizations include the Asia Foundation, African Development Bank, UN organizations and the Korean government sector. And every time, the participants appreciate the initiative and come out refreshed and renewed by the experience. Inevitably, they ask KDI School to continue providing the internship experience for years to come.


A group photo at K-Water (top) and Sejong City Hall (bottom)


By Feruza ALIKULOVA (2018 MPM, Uzbekistan)