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Stories Told by Class of 2020

11 Dec, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,426

Saying goodbye is always a sad event. On this long winter night, the cold winds of the Geumgang River will be pounding on the lonely hearts even more. There will be unfulfilled dreams for some, and tonight, some people might be tossing and turning, thinking about how they have to return to their real lives. But for some, thinking of returning home to their family is a thought that fills them with excitement. There is a famous graduation song by Korean singer, 015B’s “Goodbye for Now.” It says: “Goodbye is not farewell forever, it’s a promise to meet each other again.” With the hope of meeting the graduates who are about to leave KDI school again one day, KDIS supporters have listened to what the graduates have to say.

Nurhafizah Sanusi (2020 MPM)
I will miss the routines of my life as a student most after graduation. Walking from the dormitory to the school, going to class to meet professors and friends when the school switched to hybrid classes, eating delicious Korean food at the school cafeteria, and spending time in my personal chamber of secrets (my favorite spot in the library). I’ll miss everything related to the school. But the most unforgettable thing would be sitting in front of a laptop for hours taking online classes and burning the midnight oil to do assignments and presentations! Also, taking the 1001 bus to go to Daejeon/Osong Station and the 991 and 221 buses to go to Daiso, City Hall, and many other places in Sejong; buying groceries at TopMart and No Brand; enjoying fried chicken at Chungman; exploring all the delicious foods and cafés. There are so many things that I will miss, and I wish I could list them all!

It’s hard to tell you what my favorite course is since there are so many! The courses cover so much information about public administration and management. All of them are my favorite; it was all so new and interesting. I will use the valuable knowledge and precious experience I gained for my future undertakings. If I still had to choose, the most enjoyable class for me was Korean Language and Culture I. Do you think I’m biased? No. haha.

To the new students, congratulations and welcome to the KDI School’s big family! You are so lucky to get to experience their vibrant education programs in a top-notch faculty. Enjoy your life to the fullest; keep a good balance between your life and studies, make new friends, try new things, and explore Korea more. Let’s shape the world and be pioneers of the future together!

Ronald Keikotlhalie (2020 MPP)
I will miss Sejong city the most, because of its accessibility. You can easily go from one side to another. The smart city caters to all types of road users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

I have had several great courses and professors. However, I think Input-Output Analysis by Prof. Kim Dongsoek was my favorite. It deals with real-world examples and provides skills to understand our countries’ economies.

To the new students, welcome to KDIS. This is a great experience and I encourage you to reach out to your professors and engage with them. Take advantage of your stay; explore this beautiful city and make some memories. Also, remember to always be an Ambassador for KDIS to the world.

Peery Sackor (2020 MPP)

I’m going to miss my life at the KDI School the most – especially the amazing professors who helped provide me with practical insight throughout my academic journey. The KDI school faculty were always willing to assist me. And lastly, my wonderful classmates brought in their practical experiences that helped me understand their respective countries’ situations and issues.

It is very difficult to pick my favorite course. But if I really had to choose one, I would say State Fragility and Development Policy, Managing and Implementing Sustainable Development and Topics in Political Economy of Development.

To the prospective students: life at KDI school will provide you wonderful experiences and allow you to focus on your objectives. All the professors are willing to listen and give you the guidance you need to achieve your goals. The school faculty members are also able to give you all necessary clarification you need, as well as a lot of advice.

Yong Jiang (2020 MDP)
After I graduate from KDIS, what I will miss most is definitely the phenomenal professors here and my friends from other countries with diverse government backgrounds. In this high-pressure year, despite the raging Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has received ample input through investing time and energy to create a productive academic year. KDI school is truly an international community, and I’m really appreciative of the benefits of globalization that have allowed me to have a life with so many exotic and diverse experiences. With the impact of a vivid, palpable globalized atmosphere rather than just purely learning from boring textbooks, KDI School has provided me with an amazing education, which has given me a global vision that will make it easier to serve my people in the future.

In my opinion, I am quite addicted to learning about public management in developing countries in the class taught by Professor Changyong Choi. In his lectures, it feels like we’re working in the United Nations; we are all officials from different countries discussing hot topics and implementing policies. His core teaching philosophy is to train every student as analysts with professional policy backgrounds. At the same time, the thing I gained most from this course is listening to his views, such as his views that corruption issues are actually beneficial in the short term, because it can reduce transaction costs and search costs to a certain extent. And there’s also his thoughts on average vs. target groups: This view is particularly significant for the analysis of the gap between the rich and the poor in China. Even many scholars ignore the problems of inherent poverty and regional differences because of China’s overall improvement on an economic level.

I want to say to the newcomers to enjoy the knowledge journey of KDI as much as possible. The professors will guide you on how to become a professional public policymaker. Your responsibility is just to keep pace with them. Every second at KDI is worthy of being cherished. You will make lifelong friendship with people from around the world, which is a treasure you can take with you for the rest of your life.