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Tips for the New Students

01 Sep, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,448

Before the semester starts, there are many things to prepare, especially for students who are coming to Korea for the first time. In hopes that better times will come soon and we will be able to meet in-person, we have gathered some useful study tips for the KDI School.

First of all, you may already know that the KDI School offers Pre-fall and Pre-spring Semesters to enhance students’ knowledge base of languages and math before the busy semester starts. Musuraliev Kubanych (MPM, 2019) shares his experience from the Pre-fall Semester in 2019:

“Pre-fall is the best time to adapt for the new environment and meet for the first time professors and friends who will accompany you throughout the whole study program. Usually students take two intensive and educational classes, like “Language in Public Policy and Management” and “Korean Language and Culture” which smoothly prepare you for future study at the KDI School and life in Korea. I would recommend new students to try your best to learn at least basic Korean, which will be very helpful for staying in Korea. Also, this time is a good opportunity to walk around with friends and discover a lot of places and facilities inside and outside the KDI School.”

Viengamphay Vongphidet (Lao PDR, MPM 2019) mentions that social activities are a must for all students, so do not be shy and get to know your classmates:

“For me going to the university is my time to meet new friends, learn new things, and have new experiences. Here are some tips to make new students’ lives happier. First, try to make friends particularly with those who are studying in the same program and ask them for help, learn from their experience, or borrow their texts or sheets. This way, you can understand concepts quickly or get new ideas before joining class. Second, be happy, relax, and enjoy your student life by doing interesting activities inside and outside of the campus with your friends. Lastly, keep in contact with family and friends who always love, support, and encourage you to be here and let them know you are healthy and happy at every moment!”

The diverse environment at the KDI School is one of the best opportunities to learn, agrees Nam Yoo Jin (South Korea, MDP 2019):

“It is an amazing experience to interact with friends from about 100 countries. If you want to study culture and diversity, I recommend KDIS. However, it is not easy to study because the school has three busy semesters a year. Since the school is located in Sejong, there are many people living in dormitories. And unlike Seoul, Sejong has its own quiet charm. It is a great environment to focus on studying.”

When you come to the KDI School, you are able to enjoy the nice atmosphere of the surrounding mountains and peaceful life in Sejong. Emmanuel Iwong (Nigeria, MDP 2020) points out what he likes the most around the campus:

“As a student at the KDI School, I make time to hike the mountains to feel nature, or I rent a bicycle to cycle with my friends and also use some outdoor free sport equipment in public spaces in Korea. I sanitize my hands before and after use. While keeping to social distance rules, I still have a chance to visit small pubs to enjoy Korean local brews as well as a variety of cuisine. The custom of street food in Korea is unique for low budget students. Enjoy live octopus, kimchi-ppang, fish cake, and many other treats. Karaoke spots are also a common fun place within Sejong!”

We hope to see all of you as soon as possible. Until then, stay safe and healthy!