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Sharing Some Ideas and Resolution with 2006 Students

01 May, 2006 News Center 1,142

How do you feel after one month with KDI?

What is your resolution for this school year?
Let’s share your point of view with some Korean as well as international students.



Heng, Sothea from Cambodia (MPP)

Even I do not have any background in economics by here, at KDI School, I have a chance to start to study economics. I think that economics is very important in analyze public policy. This is a good opportunity, especially for international students from developing countries to learn more economic subjects to be able to apply in our own countries’ economy.

Although KDI is rather small, it is easier to get to know more about other people from different culture. I work in the field of tourism, therefore, I hope I can get more knowledge on cultural policy from classes as well as from other students. I am very happy that KDI School have some culture activities to help students know more about the culture of Korea.

However, I think that it will be more helpful if we have study tours which are related to our courses such as visiting some companies to see their main activities, their structure etc. to have more practical experience.


Cui Hongmei from China (MPP)

I felt a little bit busy with the study here at KDI. The courses are very interesting and I will try my best to study well. The experience at KDI is valuable and I am going to take full use of it. I hope that I can improve my ability of working and get a good job after graduating.


Bayona Matsuda, Diana Sayuri from Peru (MPP)

In the 1960s Korea and Peru had the same level of development but now, Korea is more developed. Korea is like an Asian model of economic development. I hope that I can learn this model and combine with the U.S. and European model to apply to South American. The study is getting more difficult but more interesting. I will study hard to learn everything given all the facility. The students of KDI came from many different careers and we can learn from each other also. I hope that we will have more integrating activities for all the students of KDI, not only international students so that international students and Korean students have more chance to get to know each other.


Kim, HYOUNG KOOK from Korea (MPP)

When I first came to KDI for an interview last October, I was a little shocked that the size of this school was very small but the facilities inside were very modern compared to other graduate school. I will do my best for this one year here at KDI. I hope I can get many opportunity to get more knowledge about economics. One of my courses this term is microeconomics. Through this course I can get useful information about economics which I can apply later in my work.

I can learn many things from different fields of knowledge and I hope to be able to use them in the management of military troops. One of the reason I chose KDI was that every lecture was given in English. I think that this is most suitable environment for me to improve my English.


Cho, Tae-Hyoung from Korea (MPP)

I graduated from university more than 10 years ago. Now I get back to school and feel a different life. The life that I should enjoy with many interesting courses. I hope to be able to know more about the Kondratiev cycle in KDI. Even we do not have this subject but through various interesting economic courses I can thoroughly understand this long waves of the world economy. I expect to learn from the professors and from the other students as well. I want to share my ideas and knowledge to all the other people. Students can also be good teachers.

Some joint activities between international and Korean students should be organized. The city tours are not enough. Korean students could be the best tourist guides for international students to know more about Korean culture and life.


Ha, Byung-Ho form Korea (MBA)

I could find that there so many diversity in this campus such as nationalities and job careers, religions. I decide to stay in dorm because I would like to make friend with international students. Since I am a banker, I want to review my knowledge with the academic here at KDI.

I also want to see the new trends and new information regarding banking. With so many highly profile professors and students from various background, I hope to broaden my perspective and build up relationship with the other students.


Park, Hey Mi from Korea (Evening MBA)

I major in English literature so most of the courses at KDI are new to me. I will have to study hard to keep the balance between study and working (since I still work in the day time). I will focus on marketing and strategy. I want to learn technical idea about business as well as real implementable knowledge so that I can overcome the gap between practice and books. I will focus on convention strategy and international market to make Korea an attractive destination for foreign tourists.

I am impressed about the population of KDI with various background and ages. Even I do not have much time to socialize, I hope the KDI will have more clubs, larger fitness center and activities to connect the junior and senior so that the formers can help the newcomers.


Jo, Won-Gab from Korea (MFDI)

Firstly, I will take full use of this opportunity to enhance my English with all the four skills since I will spend a year in the United States as a GMP student. It is gonna be a good experience for me. Secondly, I hope to broaden my knowledge on foreign direct investment to apply to my job as a local government officer at Chungchongnam-do. In my opinion, KDI should spend more space for clubs so that students’ activities will be supported more.


Cho, Hyun-Ju, from Korea (MAM)

I take Master of Asset Management program which is very unique in Korea. I think that there is no course like this else where and I like this course a lot. I will try my best to get good result. As KDI is a little bit calm, I hope that we will have more shops and restaurants in the campus.


By Do Kim Ngan (2006 MPP)