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Reliving the old days at the KDIS alumni meeting

01 Aug, 2017 News Center 1,216

With the idea of celebrating, refreshing old relationships and commemorating KDI School’s 20th anniversary, the KDIS Alumni Meeting was held on May 20th on Seoul’s Inwang Mountain. Prepared for hiking, a total of 55 alumni and school faculty members gathered around Gyeongbok Palace Station. During this event, they enjoyed the view, had some refreshments and took memorable pictures together; strengthening the lasting relationships they have with each other.

 “It feels really amazing to stand here and be with other alumni,” said one of the alumni that attended the event.

Also, the Vice-President of the KDI Alumni shared the importance of maintaining good relationships among alumni as years pass by.

“KDI alumni tend to meet in Spring and Fall when the weather is nice. We try to have these meetings organized for alumni to keep in contact with each other. It is important to maintain old friendships,” the Vice-President said. “Alumni are very willing to participate in these gatherings; they all seem to enjoy it. These meetings are great opportunities for alumni to meet and cherish old relationships,” she said.

On the way down, students had the opportunity to visit the Yun Dong-ju Literature House, where they could observe the biography and read some writings of the renowned poet, known for his lyric and resistance poetry about the tough reality of his life in the wake of the Korean independence movement. The attendees were fascinated by the style of the building as well as by the history behind the poems.

As the hiking trip concluded, the alumni headed to a small restaurant near Gyeongbok Palace, where they had delicious traditional Korean meal. During this lunch, the alumni spoke about different topics, from daily life to old times in KDI School. Some current KDIS students who attended the event took this moment as a chance to ask their seniors for advice regarding academics and professional life. One current student said that coming to this event was a great opportunity to talk to the alumni and get some advice on future career paths.

All the attendees took home valuable memories that will remain for years to come.

By Lucia Nathali Salazar MEDINA(2016 MPP, Guatemala)