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Relive, Reminisce, Get inspired: 2017 Year-end Alumni Dinner

01 Dec, 2017 News Center 1,277

Hong Tack CHUN, Dean, gives an opening ceremony speech at the 2017 Alumni Dinner

There are no moments more auspicious than reunions when treasured memories and re-connections tighten the threads that hold together the rope of unity of KDIS alumni. On Friday evening, November 24th, 150 Korean and international alumni made their way to Westin Chosun Seoul to reunite in rejoice of getting together with beloved comrades and professors, reliving fond reminisces that shaped the lives of each and every alumni.

 2015 MDP alumni, Sohail HASAN, shared his delighted thoughts. “It is monumental to be part of KDIS family as the School’s vision nurtured and trimmed my way of thinking as a global leader. There are many around the globe and in Korea contributing back to society enormously. I cordially congratulate and commend all the faculty, staff and students on this 20th anniversary of KDIS. I wish and crave for KDIS to have countless successful years as this is just a start. This alumni gathering was an immense pleasure to recall old days at KDIS and meeting professors.”


What made the evening especially remarkable – it bonded together the very pioneer students of the School back from 1998 embracing all consecutive years’ graduates up to 2016. Warmest welcoming remarks and the festive mood upon the 20th anniversary of the School filled the evening not only with excitement of what has been achieved but also inspiration of the School’s current news and future aspirations.


Vision 2040 of KDIS incorporates seven strategic initiatives designed to pursue three core values – innovative education, impactful research, and result-oriented knowledge sharing which are set to hit the goal of becoming the number one Public Policy and Management platform in Asia. Also, KDIS is intended to build up its global networks for academic research by promoting the Best Research Award. Alumni around the globe are encouraged to support aspiration of KDIS’s future leaders through scholarship fundraiser – KDISeed, which was launched as commemoration of KDI School’s 20th anniversary. Joyful spirit of the evening was spiced up with two awesome dance performances by current KDIS international students as a special gesture of celebrating the reunion, and sharing positive waves of ever rejuvenating the School’s spirit. Indeed, this alumni reunion relinked hearts and reenergized the minds of all those connected to KDI School’s Family for the next year and beyond.

By Ranat RYSBEK [2017 MPP, Kyrgyzstan]