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Publication of KDI School Case Studies in GDI Library

19 Jun, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,647

Since the latter half of 2017, a total of nine government reform case studies each authored by KDI School students have been finalized to be uploaded in the Delivery Case Studies of GDI Library ( GDI Library is a space where it shares practical experience and know-how on delivery challenges and implementation for better development solutions. Out of these 9 case studies, 3 of them have already been uploaded in the GDI Library, and other 6 case studies will be uploaded upon completion of typesetting. The KDI School authors of these case studies have been selected to implement field research projects about government reform case studies in their respective home countries during “Government Reform Case Writing Practicum” course offered during 2017 summer semester.

The course advised students in drafting their case study proposals following the GDI approach developed by the World Bank. Since the end of its semester, students with the World Bank team’s quality assurance support have drafted, edited, and developed their case studies through various case clinics. Liberia, Zambia, and Philippine’s case studies have been uploaded in the GDI Library, and other countries’ case studies (Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, Nepal, and Korea) will be uploaded in the links below after typesetting process.


Typesetted version of case study authored by Ranel Ram Cheng and Prof. Teajong Kim

As of June 2019, KDI School and GDI have produced up to 16 delivery case studies and is in the process of producing 8 more case studies by the end of 2019. The case studies uploaded in the GDI Library will contribute to building an evidence base of delivery know-how that informs development practitioners’ decision making on the ground.

For 2017-18 KSP Delivery Case Studies, KDI School faculty members has conducted 3 delivery case studies and are all uploaded in the GDI Library as shown below.

KDI School, collaboration with the World Bank, have also hosted case study trainings for case writers, students, and researchers about practical research through introducing delivery challenges, conceptualizing framework of GDI, tracing implementation processes of a case study, intervening design and implementation, etc.

New cases will also be chosen for the 2019-2020 GDI Case Study among proposals submitted for those enrolled in this year’s “Government Reform Case Writing Practicum” course. Selected students will be deployed for government reform case study field research in their home countries and the final case studies will be published in the GDI Library.