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Professor Kim Dong-Young, the new MDP chair at the KDI School

01 Aug, 2015 News Center 1,854

About the MDP program

Based on the KDI’s hands-on experience on development policy of more than forty years, the Master of Development Policy (MDP) program offers a curriculum which students can examine various issues of socio-economic development in both theoretical and practical frameworks. The program is specifically targeted for international experts, including government officials, development consultants, and regional specialists who wish to contribute to development policy-making. The program is also focused on fostering professionals in the field of the official development assistance (ODA).

Prof. Dong Young Kim, the New MDP Chair

1. How do you feel to be the new chair?

It is a great honor for me to be the new chair of the Master of Development Policy (MDP) program, one of the three pillars of the KDI School curriculum. So, for me, being the MDP chair means lots of responsibilities and commitment.

2. What are your future plans and vision for the MDP program?

The MDP program was designed to fulfill the one of the most important visions of the KDI School, which is to produce international experts in the field of development policy. Currently, the MDP program has two concentrations: Sustainable Development (SD) and International Development (ID). In order to meet the students’ growing interests in sustainable development issues, the KDI School has been searching for top-notch lecturers who would give lectures on the relevant topics. Also, as our school’s MPP (Master of Public Policy) program did last year, the MDP program has a vision to get the NASSPA accreditation in the near future.


3. What do you hope or expect from the MDP students during their studies in the KDI School and after graduation?

I hope that the MDP students would actively utilize the education and opportunities that the KDI School offers them during their stay here. In addition, I would ask them to intermingle and communicate with many students from other regions with open heart. In that way, they will be able to become true global leaders whom our world acutely needs for solving various impending problems in the field of development.

By Sojeong Lisa Jeong (2015 MDP, Korea)