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“Precycling KDIS”: KDI School Kick-starts Environmental Campaign

07 Jun, 2019 KDIS News Center 3,573

June 5th is the World Environment Day. KDI School is commemorating the World Environment Day for the entire month of June by conducting the “Precycling KDIS” campaign, which aims to practice the protection of the environment.

The “Precycling KDIS” campaign includes three steps.

1. Let’s Precycle

Precycling is the practice of seeking to reduce consumer waste by buying unpackaged, reusable, or recyclable products, using one’s own bags, and so on. KDI School families decided to contribute to protecting the environment by making precycling a way of life during the month of June. If you want to learn more about “How to Precycle”, please refer to the Youtube video below.


2. Instagram Event (~6/5)

KDI School’s official Instagram followers shared their efforts to protect the environment by leaving comments on the event post. You can check to see the winners at the News Center. (Click here to check winners)


3. Cafe Voiscum Event (6/5 – 6/25)

KDI School and Cafe Vobiscum will offer a free hot Americano (or a 1,500 won discount on your next purchase) when participants buy ten drinks with their own tumbler or cup. Cafe Vobiscum will provide a coupon for all participants to keep track of their progress.

KDI School encourages all KDI School families around the world to join this campaign. Practicing precycling is not easy. However, it is time for us to give up certain conveniences in order to save our future. The green revolution is the best solution to stop pollution!