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Precycling, A Great Way to Conserve the Environment

24 May, 2021 KDIS News Center 611

RECYCLING sounds very responsible and let’s agree that it indeed is. However, have we thought through the whole process that goes into recycling say an egg carton or even a newspaper? Well let’s step back and take a look. Recycling any product leaves a significant carbon footprint because of the transportation, energy, and water to do so. Nevertheless, we are producing heaps of waste, and we need to think about the amount of energy and water it requires to recycle as well.

The concept of Precycling helps tackle the issue of overconsumption even before we create unnecessary waste in the first place, basically avoiding recycling and in return saving us the huge costs of carbon emissions! Precycling is defined by the principle, “think before buying”. One must ask questions like, “Do I want this?” or “Do I really need this?” It’s basically a conscious question one must engage with before purchasing any item. Minimalism has been present in many conscious consumers for some time now. Practicing minimalism is a good way to begin this mindset. While living in a dorm, we may ask questions like do I really need to buy this because it looks adorable? Well think again, we may not need that 1,000 won stationary because we already have five pens waiting in the pen stand to be used. These are some simple questions and practices we must go through before we purchase anything next time. It’s very basic but it adds value to our environment. In a nutshell, living a sustainable lifestyle reduces our negative impact on the Earth as much as possible!

Speaking of the environment, one may ask, what are some practical steps to start with? Luckily, KDIS has provided a few amenities where we can practice recycling or reducing the use of the Earth’s resources in one way or another and attempt to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


• Carrying our very own tumblers while purchasing beverages on the third floor at Cafe Vobiscum is a good start. By using reusable alternatives, we are not only reducing the single-use products. specifically plastic, but also protecting the wildlife and environment that are harmed by the waste that lands up in landfills and the ocean. Next time, even though it may just seem like just carrying a tumbler, you must know you are playing a great role in saving the planet!


• Secondly, carrying our very own reusable containers at the International Cafe for our meals is something to consider. Food for thought? This small act of deed will reduce the use of plastic packaging that is thrown out just after a few minutes!


• Furthermore, try using eco-friendly bags while shopping for groceries at the nearby groceries. While doing so, noting down a shopping list is a great way to only buy what is necessary. You might come across a product that says 1+1 but ask yourselves if you really need it? If not, turn and walk away from the aisle.


• As students of KDIS, amongst our many other amenities, we are privileged to access many facilities; however, as much as possible it is highly recommended to just download e-books rather than making copies upon copies of it. The amount of paper waste is unimaginable. Going paperless is a good practice. Download as much as possible but only print if it is absolutely necessary!


• Finally, try practicing lending and borrowing items such as notes or classwork slides (not their assignments)!


All in all, it is ultimately up to us as to be mindful of our food consumption and our day-to-day lifestyle. It is our choice whether or not we want to have an impact on our environment, and finding small ways to do so is a great way to start! So, think before purchasing, and it can go a long way!