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Plastic-free at KDI School: A Vow to Reduce Plastic Waste

19 Aug, 2021 KDIS News Center 371

How can we save the environment? How do we make small changes in our lives to ensure we don’t destroy our earth? Well, it is a complex question and a real challenge that the whole world is facing today. As daunting a task as it may seem, it is something we must focus our attention on. Nowadays, many people, organizations, and countries are making an effort to live in ways that are more ecofriendly. Well, every little bit of effort counts and KDIS students participated in the plastic-free week campaign led by members of the school’s environmental club.

Reducing single-use plastic waste in our everyday lives is a simple way for us to create a better environment and reduce our carbon footprint. If you think about how much plastic we use on a daily basis in our dorms, at local coffee shops, at supermarkets, it can amount to a lot of unnecessary strain on the environment. Many students are playing their part by joining the plastic-free week campaign. But even once the campaign is done, we can all still keep doing our part to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

The campaign was run on KDI School’s social media, so it was really effective in getting more students to participate and take ownership of the event. Lots of students posted their experiences with the event. Here are the mini-campaigns that took place daily, check it out and have your own plastic-free weeks!


Monday: Say No to Plastic Straws Day

The first day of the campaign was Monday, and the week was off to a good start with a simple task: don’t use plastic straws. Student’s posted pictures of their commitment to staying away from plastic straws. These days, many people are purchasing alternatives to plastic straws made out of bamboo, stainless steel, and other more environmentally friendly options.

Tuesday: Reusable Bag Day

Tuesday was the day that students whipped out their reusable bags and said no to plastic bags. A lot of times. when we go shopping, it is easy to forget to carry our reusable bags with us, and we end up using plastic bags. Remember to carry your reusable bag with you when you do your grocery shopping; it makes a big difference!


Wednesday: Zero to Snacks Day

Many students enjoyed Wednesday’s activity because it gave them a chance to eat healthier options, like fruits.


Thursday: Bring Your Mug Day

This was another popular activity with many students, who are already committed to using their own mugs for coffee, water, and other beverages.


Friday: Say No to Plastic Bottles Day
Plastic bottles are extremely harmful to the environment, yet we see them everywhere, and many of us use them from time to time without even realizing that they have a tremendous impact on the earth. Try using ceramic or stainless steel instead.


Saturday: No Paper/Napkin Waste
This was a tough one for many students! Remember, in this digital age, we can use electronic files instead of printing out too many documents which cause a huge strain on the environment. Also, students tried not to use napkin as possible.


Sunday: Pick up Trash and Recycle Day
And finally, the last day was Sunday, where students decided to clean up the trash around them. This is a great way to make sure that our waste is properly recycled.

Remember that small, incremental changes in our behavior will have a big impact on our earth! Each and every one of us has an important role to play in making sure that we save a better world for future generations. This campaign is fantastic because it can encourage students to use less disposable plastic by replacing plastic bags with reusable bags such as woven bags, bringing their own water bottles, serving water in jugs and glasses, bringing their own containers to buy food, and not using plastic straws. The environmental club’s efforts are commendable in raising environmental awareness. Students should continue to support this effort and practice at KDIS, as well as share this idea with the rest of the community. The Environmental Club and KDI School deserve congratulations.