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Personal Experiences at the G20 Global Leadership Program

20 Jan, 2021 KDIS News Center 920

The G20 Global Leadership Program was launched after Korea’s hosting of the G20 Leaders Summit in 2010. The objective of the program is to enable participants from the G20 and developing countries to come together to discuss the key development pillars identified by the Seoul Development Consensus. KDI School aims to enhance the ability of participants to contribute to economic growth and reach global development goals in their respective countries and in the professional capacities they currently hold through the G20 Global Leadership Program.


Diego Domínguez  l Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico l 2019 G20 GLP

The Program provided me with first-hand insights into Korea’s development process and the various issues comprising the G20 agenda. Its unique structure, combining lectures and site visits, allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Korea’s role in the world, while experiencing its vibrant society and culture. As a diplomat currently dealing with G20 affairs, I developed strong practical tools to better contribute to Mexico’s participation in this forum and to strengthen the multilateral collaboration between the two countries. This was also an invaluable opportunity to create solid networks with a diversity of participants, with whom I remain in touch.


Zanele Ngoqo l Department of International Relations and Cooperation, South Africa l 2019 G20 GLP

The programme was insightful and a great introduction to South Korean culture. We dove deep into the G20 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Discovering the development trajectory of South Korea also helped me gain fresh perspectives.

I made wonderful new friends I keep in contact with via social media and hope the friendships forged can yield impactful collaborations. It was an unforgettable and valuable experience in a beautiful and innovative country, and also, in no small part, due to exchanges amongst a diverse and dynamic global group.

I plan to further apply this useful knowledge in my upcoming mission abroad. Thank you very much.


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