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[People in KDIS] Minju Yeo (2020 MPP)

04 Mar, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,468

1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Minju Yeo and I am a 2020 MPP Spring student. I am currently working as an English teacher in a high school and studying at the same time.

2. What made you decide to come to KDI School?

I came to KDI School because I wanted to study education policy in depth. I strongly believe that education has a great impact on our future. Therefore, proper education policy must be the foundation.


3. What are the post-COVID-19 situations like in high school?

Because of COVID-19, the secondary education environment in South Korea has also faced major changes. Last year, I went to invigilate the Korean SAT, and there were a lot of minor difficulties for students and teachers. In the usual post-COVID-19 classrooms, teachers are not allowed to move around the classroom during classes(which I guess is good for students who wish to do something else). However, technological development is a positive effect caused by COVID-19 on the educational environment. Teachers have learned new “untact” online teaching skills through training. Like this, I hope this crisis can be reversed into a positive turning point for the next phases of education.


4. What is your favorite class in KDI School?

Recently, I am really into studying statistics and learning coding. For this reason, I am taking “Introduction to Data Science for Policy Making Through R” this semester. Many people these days wish to learn programming with the influence of 4th IR, but there are not many platforms that offer proper instruction. Thanks to KDI School and their course, I feel one step closer to data science.


5. Being a part-time student sounds tough. How do you relieve stress from studying and working?

I think I relieve stress in various ways. Because of my personality, I’m not good at just resting or staying still without doing anything. Recently, I started learning violin again, which I had quit for a long time. Also, whenever I have time, I go for a walk with my dog, Simba. I want to cherish every second of my life and do my best in every moment – just like in the latest Disney movie I watched, “Soul”.


6. Do you have any tips for future KDIS part-time students?

It is best if you already know what you want to achieve through KDI School before entering, but even if you don’t, you have plenty of opportunities to find out. When I first came to KDI School, I had a hard time finding my purpose for studying because I was busy suffering through my economics classes! However, after taking courses in various fields, I realized what I was interested in and what I wanted to study further. Another tip is that the professors at KDI school are very caring and they give valuable advice, so I hope you don’t hesitate to visit them.

7. Any comments?

When I first came to KDI school, I expected to have close interactions with students of various nationalities, but I am so sad that I can’t meet many friends in person because of COVID-19. I hope COVID-19 ends quickly, before graduation, so I can interact with more of my classmates.