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[People in KDIS] Ibrahim Salameh (2020 MPM)

02 Apr, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,269

Ibrahim Salameh (2020 MPM) from Jordan has shown positivity and creativity in everything he does. He was ranked the first among the graduates of the College of Engineering/ Mining Engineering with an excellent grade in a bachelor’s degree.

Before coming to the KDI School, he has been working for the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission in the mining department for four years, where he was working on setting up a mechanism to facilitate the tasks of government inspectors in monitoring the activities of mining companies, reviewing and evaluating technical studies, participating in the preparation of regulatory instructions, inspecting mining companies to ensure their compliance with laws and regulations, and writing technical reports.

He initiated a creative idea to facilitate the tasks of mine inspectors who suffer from the use of paper documents in the field when inspecting mines using a smartphone application on that allows inspectors to access a database containing all mine-related information, violations, and reports that they might need in the field. As a member of the Social Responsibility Committee, he participated in many activities to serve the local community and delivered insightful speechers to them.

His positivity and creativity aside, Ibrahim is also an active participant in in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership and stands out in various competitions and workshops. He was honored at the engineering innovation forum held by the Jordanian Engineers Association in 2016, thanks to the innovative ideas he shared to serve the community.

In addition to obtaining a certificate of thanks from the Jordanian Engineers Association for his work with the Young Engineers Committee as a volunteer for a period of three years, he was selected as a member of the Preparatory Committee for the 2nd Young Engineers Conference in 2017 and was a speaker for the entrepreneurship field. In 2018, he was selected as a member of the Preparatory Committee for the 9th International Mining Conference. In 2019, Ibrahim was chosen as a member of the Energy and Environment Committee in the Youth Parliament Training Project of the Political Institute for the preparation of youth leaders after passing all stages of assessment and personal interviews and submitting a research paper in the field of energy and mining.

“Since I started working with the government, I have been thinking about developing my managerial skills and enhancing my knowledge of regulation management to develop a better understanding of the regulatory and policy environment, and to achieve the government’s vision to prepare youth leaders to fill the administrative shortcoming in the mining sector as a result of the retirement of many administrators.

Thanks to the invaluable opportunity offered by KOICA, it is my honour to be a part of the “KOICA-KDI School’s Masters Degree Program in Regulation Management for Economic Development”.
The KDI School is a golden opportunity to see the world from a wider perspective, gain knowledge in public administration and regulation management, enhance my critical thinking skills, learn modern management skills, and help me become the best version of myself.

My first achievement at KDI was seeing my name on the Dean’s List with Distinction for the first semester. This is only the beginning of the road and I have the ambition to achieve more in my beloved school.

My advice to everyone is that you will only receive what you strive for. The opportunity will not come to you, you must look for it. The world is full of opportunities and you have to be smart and study the opportunity well before making a choice. Choose an opportunity that fits your capabilities and aspirations. Make the sky your limit and earn a special place in this world.”