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[People in KDIS] Altynai Abdykadyrova (2020 MPM)

08 Jun, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,240

Altynai Abdykadyrova (2020 MPM) is a hard-working student from Kyrgyzstan, who joined KDI School in Spring 2020. She is very goal-oriented, has a concrete vision for where she’s headed and is highly driven, meaning that she’s motivated to keep learning, even when it’s not easy. She’s shown her incredibly commitment by the fact that she’s traveled to 18 countries worldwide, most of which have been to participate in educational programs.

What did you do before joining KDI School?
Before coming to KDI School, I worked with several International Organizations on different community-based development projects. Last year, I was part of an inclusive summer camp for children from diverse backgrounds including disabilities, low-income families and orphans. The camp helped raise awareness and taught the children the value of celebrating diversity and inclusive behavior towards different groups.


Through my work experience, I realized how policymaking can play a pivotal role and the positive impact it can bring to all beneficiaries. Bearing that in mind, supporting those who are in need became the overarching goal in my life which I can achieve through my ongoing personal development and learning.

What motivates you to study?
My biggest motivation is my family. I want my family to be able to live in a stable, prosperous developed country where they can enjoy a good quality of life. This can be achieved through the knowledge and learning that I gain from KDI School, especially from hands-on experience when I’m involved in future projects. I would like to learn as much as possible in Korea and, when I return to my home country, I wish to continue my work in the development field in cooperation with the government. I firmly believe that we can achieve more through collaboration and mutual support between civil society and the government.

Why did you choose KDI School?
Although I had already obtained my master’s degree in International Relations back in Kyrgyzstan, I still wanted to challenge myself with a new endeavor by studying abroad for a master’s degree, believing that I’d be able to learn twice as much within such an enriching, diverse environment.
I chose Korea as the country of choice to study because it’s such a fascinating example of how a nation can, through a combination of hard work and a brilliant mindset, take-off so rapidly and, within just a few short decades, become one of the most developed countries in the world. Whilst researching the different programs offered by schools in Korea that were the best fit for my future career plans, I was lucky enough to come across KDI School. So after much research and consulting other graduates, I applied to KDI School, got accepted, and embarked on my whole new journey!

How is your life, having to go through the COVID-19 in Korea?
I flew out to Korea at one of the most difficult times in Korea as well as globally. Although it is such a pity that I am not able to enjoy Korea fully, I can say with confidence that I am very fortunate to be in this situation in this particular country. This is not only because I feel secure living in Korea at the moment, but also because Korea is demonstrating outstanding collaboration between government and civil society to address the current uncertainties. I am sure I have been learning quite a lot of new things since the COVID-19 outbreak as well!

Any last words to the prospective students?
I very much doubt that any former, current or even future graduates of KDI School would ever regret participating in this fascinating academic experience that we receive here. We come here to challenge ourselves with new knowledge, for personal growth and, in return, receive an opportunity to become professionals who will create positive changes in the future. I would encourage prospective students to use this superb opportunity to become leading professionals in their chosen sectors and to open their minds because this country has so much more to offer over and above its impeccable academic credentials.