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Papers from KDI School “Gaining popularity”

01 Aug, 2007 News Center 972

Papers released by KDI School turned out to be the most popular among the Korean business schools in Korea.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) recently announced on Mar. 23, the rankings of business schools worldwide. The rankings placed KDI School at the 1st among the business schools in Korea, the 8th in Asia and the 52nd out of non-US international business schools.

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is the world’s leading social science research database network used by over 35,000 people in around 70 countries. SSRN rankings, announced annually and in decades, demonstrate a high level of public and academic trust as results come from professors and researchers in general. The rankings are measured by the number of downloads of each school’s faculty papers from the SSRN over the last 12 months.

Among the papers of over 800 business schools, KDI School marked the highest download hits in business schools in Korea, Korea University the 2nd, Seoul National University the 3rd followed by KAIST and Yeonsei University. University of London ranked the highest in the non-US international business schools. Among Asian schools were Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore. In the US business schools, Harvard Business School ranked the 1st, the University of Chicago the 2nd and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania the 3rd followed by the New York University and MIT.

KDI School had double achievements by having papers from Professors Kim Woo-Chan, Lee Seung-Joo and Kim Woo-Jin listed on SSRN’s Top Ten Downloads.

Professor Kim Woo-chan’s paper, “Does Corporate Governance Predict Firms’ Market Values? Evidence from Korea” ranked the 2nd most downloaded papers in the “Economics of Networks” having 4967 hits as of February 1st 2007.

“Case Study of Samsung’s Mobile Phone Business” by Professor Lee Seung-Joo was listed the 10th among the Top Ten downloads list for “Economics of Networks” having 906 downloads as of February 1st 2007.

Also, Professor Kim Woo-Jin’s paper entitled “Do analysts Herd? An Analysis of Recommendations and Market Reactions” ranked the 10th in the SSRN Top Ten download list with 102 hits for a year in the area of “Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds & Investments Industry (Forthcoming)” as of March 13, 2007.

As such, schools in Asia are taking large strides forward. KDI School will continue to be a leading business school not only in Korea but in Asia and internationally by offering more chances for the professors to come up with high quality of papers and recruiting prominent professors.

By Sung won YOON (2007 E-MBA)