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Opportunities Outside the Classroom

15 Nov, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,049

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we went about our everyday lives. Since opportunities for interaction and regular school life could not be enjoyed with the same spirit, the school developed innovative programs and field trips to ensure that learning at KDIS remained fun. Various programs such as field trips to Jeonju, Buyeo, Gongju, and K-water, Sport’s Day, and the G20 Global Leadership Program were conducted both online and offline while following social distancing measures. We asked Mohd Rafee Bin Mohamad (2021 MIPD) to share his experience in some of these events.

Could you please tell us about the programs you attended during the past couple of months?

I went on trips to Jeonju, Buyeo, K-water, and Gongju as part of the field trip program organized by the school. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit Geoje and Teongyong for seven days and six nights as part of the G20 Global Leadership Program conducted by KDI School and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Moreover, I had the opportunity to tour Daegu, Cheongju, Sihwa, Nakdong River, Gangjeong, and Wetlands during the 7th Capacity Building Program for the Improvement of Water Security hosted by the UNESCO International Center for Water Security and Sustainable Management and KDI School. Finally, I have supported the school as a host on various occasions and with some part-time administrative duties.

How would you describe your experience of attending these programs in one sentence?

“We see what a small place we occupy in the world when we travel, and we learn and explore culture for the sake of an infinite experience.”

What was your major take-away from these programs?

Exploration in South Korea through the programs organized by KDIS opened my eyes and mind to the country’s development, technological sophistication, and innovation. Despite the country’s rapid development, its culture and traditions are preserved, and the people’s humility made me grateful for this opportunity.

How do you plan to utilize what you learned through these programs?

I tend to document my experiences on social media platforms to create awareness. However, I also plan to write about my experiences in the form of a news article. I wish to use storytelling, poetry, and personal experience to generate public awareness and promote South Korea as a role model for development.

What was your most memorable program or field trip? Why?

The G20 Global Leadership Program conducted by KDI School and the Ministry of Economy and Finance was the most memorable program for me. Through this program, I could learn about and deepen my understanding of SDGs, and I had the opportunity to see the country’s development trajectory in detail. I never could have experienced the various aspects of South Korea’s rapid development were it not for my participation in this program.