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“North Korea’s Nuclearization and Challenges”

23 Apr, 2019 KDIS News Center 3,813

KDI School invited the former Unification Minister Mr. Jeong, Se Hyun to give a special lecture on the issue of ‘North Korea’s nuclearization and the challenges for the future of the Korean peninsula’. It has been a custom of the KDI School to organize such events so that the experts could provide valuable insights into contemporary issues of concern.

The issue of North Korea’s nuclearization has again taken the center stage of international politics due to the testing of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles that could reach the American main land. This development is seen by developed countries as a pressure tactic from North Korea to gain a bargaining position in negotiations so that it can shelve this program in exchange for economic support, normalized relations with the US, and a permanent peace treaty.

Mr. Jeong provided a historical overview of the rationales behind the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea and how during this whole period both China and Russia supported it through the provision of oil, food and other necessities. He also highlighted the failure of previous American presidents and administration in resolving this issue.  However, he was optimistic that President Trump’s emphasis on making multiple small deals instead of a single big deal will be much more realistic and achievable.

Mr. Jeong underscored the role of South Korea in this process and suggested a road-map that included an active role for the South Korean administration in supporting the ongoing negotiation process between the US and North Korea. It also included engagement with North Korea bilaterally so that an atmosphere of trust can be built, and both sides will be able to explore areas of mutual economic and social benefits.

Through this lecture, the students had an excellent opportunity to interact and gain a deeper insight into matters relating to the Korean peace process.

By Anees Abbas (2018 MPP, Pakistan)