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New endeavors with The Asia Foundation

03 Dec, 2018 KDIS News Center 1,236

With the primary purpose to support international development cooperation, KDIS, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, recruited nine graduate students. These selected candidates will participate in the 2018/2019 KDIS-TAF Asia Development Internship Program. 

The selection process followed a rigorous application procedure. The first stage included a written application. The written application highlighted the three main countries individual where applicants wished to intern. This included their motivation behind the application and interest in the projects tackled by field offices. Upon revision, the Office of Development Research and International Cooperation of KDIS invited approximately 20 potential candidates for an interview session. Professor KIM, Taejong at KDIS and Mr. KIM Kwang; representative of the Asia Foundation in Korea, conducted a 15-20 minute interview with each applicant. The recruitment concluded with the selection of intern candidates chosen by The Asia Foundation field offices in the following respective countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor-Leste and Sri Lank.



During this two-month internship position, scheduled between December-February 2019, students will contribute towards the execution of varies development projects operated by The Asia Foundation in areas related to: Strengthening Governance, Economic Opportunity, Women Empower, Law and Justice, Environmental Resilience and others. For Sumiyajav Dorijrentsen, Mongolian national, being despatched as an intern to Laos will allow her to gain the necessary expertise in improving governance and women empowerment policies. Social issues which Sumiyajav also identifies as being crucial towards Mongolia’s development process.

Ultimately, the 2018/2019 KDIS-TAF Asia Development Internship is a remarkable opportunity to comprehend donors and beneficiaries relationship in light of international cooperation whilst establishing a firm network with professionals in the area of development. Accordingly, Patricia Anne Pasion, selected by the Malaysian field office, highlights her expectations in learning the science behind implementation of development projects which will prove to be beneficial towards her future career development.

Unlike the previous years, the most competitive countries this year are Malaysia and Mongolia. Likewise, majority of the students have been paired by field offices which will undeniably will facilitate the transition. Nonetheless, based on previous year’s satisfactory rates, the current selected candidates hold high expectations for the program.


By Stella CONSELHO (2018 MDP, Mozambique)