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Never Refuse to Reuse

27 Jul, 2021 KDIS News Center 313

Remember the orientation from when you were about to start at KDI School? We spent nearly an hour on a lecture about recycling!

At KDI School we shop, eat, and cook as much as we study!!! So as KDI School students, we are automatically a big part of our surrounding city, Sejong. The supplies we use have the potential to create a negative effect on the environment, as they can end up either in landfills or create toxic chemicals.

Trying to go green when you are already out of your comfort zone can be a bit chaotic, and yes, it will take some time. If you have no idea where to start to become an environmentally conscious student, don’t worry, because today we at KDIS will be sharing some student-friendly tips on going green!!


1) Use tote bags
Have you ever noticed that Korea charges for plastic bags, and even tote bags, each time you visit a store? Whether it’s a fancy shop or a flea market, you can get charged for a bag! It’s their way of reminding you to bring your own bag when buying things.

At KDIS, you can always ask for a shopping bag from your housemaster when you’re going to the store, and you can return it when you get back. Unless you want to spend your scholarship money on plastic bags, please take my advice.


2) Selecting your veggies
I’m sure at least once or twice in your life you’ve purchased pre-cut vegetables or fruits. This is the result of being lazy and adding more work to your recycling. The reason is because pre-cut veggies either come in a plastic container or are wrapped in plastic. If you buy loose fruit and vegetables, you won’t be giving yourself more work. Instead, you can just cut and store them in the freezer for the week. This means you won’t have to take as many trips to the market, you’ll have a healthier diet, and you’ll reduce your waste as well. So you are killing three birds with one stone.


3) Reusable cups or use your own bottle
First, you can reduce the amount of water bottles you buy from shops and cafes every time you get thirsty. Instead, carry your own water bottle each time you head out.

Secondly, use reusable cups for coffee and tea. If you need a refill, just use the same cup instead of throwing it away. Most cafes in Sejong use reusable or recyclable cups.

Thirdly, have you noticed that KDI School has its own reusable cups in the cafeteria? If you forget to bring your bottle while coming to eat, you can use one of the cups on top of the water filter and put it away in the black container below the filter. ^.^


4) Separate then & there
Make life easy for another human being. Separate your trash when putting it away in the bins.

Here at KDIS, the trash bins are labeled, so if you feel uncomfortable separating your trash from one bin or bag, all you need to do is put all paper-related trash in your room bin and throw the food waste away in the kitchen bins. This will not only help you; it will also make the lives of the trash collectors easier.


5) Eco-friendly tech
Well, it’s not only trash that you can reuse! Conserve energy whenever you can. When it’s not too hot outside, try opening your windows and letting in some fresh air rather than running your air conditioner 24-7. Charging cords and plugs; we’ll take them off or turn them off after a considerable amount of time. You are not only saving energy but also your devices from getting too hot. Finally, use the KDI School’s recycle technology space whenever you can to avoid seeing piles of garbage bags in the dormitory entrance.


Is that too hard to follow? Of course not! It will lead you to practice.

That moment you see litter on the road, or when you find yourself carrying a bag to the store or your bottle to the classroom, you will see how conscious you have become of the environment, even without you noticing. Practice not only makes you good at sports and math, it also help you in your daily living habits.

Practice, acknowledge, share, and show best living practices with KDI school!