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Moving to Public Sector from Private Sector after KDI School

26 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,890

2019 Int’l Alumni Essay Contest Excellent Writers

Moving to Public Sector from Private Sector after KDI School

Alikulova Feruza(2018 MPM, Uzbekistan)

Through this inspirational story, I would like to share my impressions and gratitude to my lovely KDI School and tell how my professional life has changed during the 6 months after the completion of the studies.

Exploring Korea – applying in Uzbekistan

I have graduated from KDI School last year. During my study, I had visited many Korean agencies, public places in order to learn how the Government of South Korea uses the latest smart technologies to empower public services for society. Then I wrote several articles for the news agency, where I had been working for 4 years in order to deliver these experiences to our audience. One of my last, but not least article is dedicated to the National Library of Sejong City. I have tried to show the Korean people’s interests and values about education. This special featured report was very popular among Uzbek readers, especially, young people.

New job, new adventures

When I have returned to Uzbekistan, I continued my previous journalism work as a correspondent of Meanwhile, I received many job offers from various both governmental and international organizations like the National PR center of Uzbekistan, UzBAT, UNICEF and others. However, I really wanted to show myself in the public sector, that is why I got a job as a senior advisor at the National PR center of Uzbekistan under the State Committee for Tourism Development.

I have studied sustainable development-related courses on Government Communications, Dispute Resolution and Negotiation, Public Organizations and Management, Strategic Management, and various special seminars on global climate change issues and the fourth industrial revolution. These experiences helped to work with big command and build mutual understanding with partners. Later on, I have been involved in project “Cooperation with South Korea” to promote Uzbekistan’s tourism potential among Koreans and organize B2B meetings with travel agencies, press-tours for Korean journalists. I gave them my concrete plan on how to start joint programs and exchange cultural/social events. By now, our project has estimated the budget of 200,000 US dollars. Moreover, we are having negotiations with Korean TV channels (KBS, MBC, and SBS) to build cooperation on the promotion of tourism in our countries. Our department is also planning to install banners about Uzbekistan in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Incheon to invite Korean people to our country.

Therefore, our delegation participated in the 34th international tourism exhibition “Seoul International Tourism Industry Fair” (SITIF) on June 6-9, where Uzbekistan has presented its national exhibition stand. During the visit, we could meet with different diplomatic agencies. At the end of our visit, the Korean and Uzbekistan delegation has signed agreements on the development of different areas of tourism. Currently, one of the notable results of our project is building cooperation with KBS World Radio, JIW International on the promotion of  Uzbek tourism in the gazette “the Korea Post”, Sejong University (Seoul) on knowledge sharing in tourism development and providing employment opportunities for graduates of this school in Uzbekistan’s tourism sector.

New position

Three months later, I became a head of the mass media sector at the National PR center. It was a big honor for me as a new specialist in the public sector. Nowadays, I am working with the whole department of the committee in order to maintain good cooperation between workers and implement a new management system to work with journalists. One of the main reasons for my promotion was having experience of Korean economic development model, and knowledge, which I got from KDI School. Therefore, I am grateful for KDI School providing me with a scholarship and accepting me to its big global family.

IVLP American dream or sustain my future!

Moreover, I participated in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) 2019. I was the only representative from the Central Asia region among the other 11 participants.  Visiting the USA always was on my wish list. It was my honor to participate in this wonderful project. IVLP program gave me a great chance not only to develop my critical thinking skills through valuable lectures but also to explore the American lifestyle and different states as well by visiting Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Tampa.

This year’s #IVLP project provided an opportunity for participants to explore the role not only of government agencies but also of NGOs, academia and traditional and social media in tackling disinformation. We spent most of their time on professional development sessions, where they learned about different perspectives on detecting and combating propaganda and sharing their own insights on this issue. On the other hand, our group also had opportunities for lighter events to foster teamwork, networking, and cultural experiences.

This program reminded me Professor Taejun Lee and Junesoo Lee’s classes, where we learned how governments should expose “unrecognizable” propaganda tools and use smart approaches to build trust among citizens. Undoubtedly, the IVLP project strengthened my professional skills, which I gained in KDI School from the western side. To conclude, I would like to say that KDI School helped me to increase my capacity, provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to grow professionally and achieve my career goals. I will always keep KDI School in my heart!

The journey and achievements will continue!