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Life in KDI School Post COVID-19 Outbreak

09 Mar, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,974

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in South Korea has certainly changed the daily lives of people across the country and those of KDI School of Public Policy and Management students as well.

In conformity with the safety guidelines and directions provided by the South Korean government in regard to the outbreak, KDIS has adopted mechanisms to ease the growing concerns of students about COVID-19 and to prevent the infection of any member of this community.

Starting with the indefinite suspension of new student welcome events upon their arrival at the school and club and forum activities, KDIS has also provided hand sanitizing gels and informational posters about self-protection directives around the campus and dormitories as ubiquitous visual reminders about the importance of being vigilantly hygienic. Immediately following the rapid rise in the number of confirmed cases over a short period of time, the school has taken further steps to ensure that students are provided with a safe environment.

With regard to cooking, the majority of students continue to cook in the kitchen but they do so less frequently and wear masks when they do. With regard to group work, the majority of courses require group work to build students’ communication skills and polish their teamwork competencies, so students have moved to online platforms to discuss and divide the responsibilities among themselves, only meeting in person when necessary.

Thanks to the combined efforts and the sense of responsibility of KDIS faculty, staff, and students, the school is still considered to be a safe place to live and learn. Nonetheless, everyone must continue to make such efforts to avoid viral intrusion into the school. May everyone stay healthy, productive, and happy!