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Letters from Alumni

08 Jan, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,112

“We are determined and committed to cultivating the best environment to stay connected to the KDI School family. Our association is ready to innovate, inspire, and to uphold the reputation of our alma mater. Liberia is prepared for business!!”–Emmanuel Kapee (2018 MDP)


“This year has been a tough one all over the world, but I believe that it’s during difficult times like these that it’s important we stick together and have the overall interest of our community at heart to overcome these challenges.”–Nada Chaolini (2018 MPP)


“Our Association is extremely proud to be part of the great KDI Community. We stay connected through various resources posted on the school’s web site, social media, and E-Globe. We enjoy various kinds of gifts sent to us by the school.”–Vincent Nkundimana (2016 MPP)


“Although this year has challenged us in many ways, the renewed sense of responsibility and care towards our communities is a positive result that we can take from the current adverse context. In that sense, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to the whole KDI Community for its efforts and continued support.”–Daniela Bizama (2019 MPP)


“As public policy makers, we must commit ourselves to promote sustainable development together, especially in these moments when the global community demands its best people to overcome this unprecedented health crisis that affects the most vulnerable on the planet.”–Rigoberto Carvallo (2015 MPP)

“The KDIS Jamaica Alumni is honoured to be a part of this illustrious global network of professionals working individually and collectively to improve the lives of all peoples. We pledge our support of the noble goals of the KDI School.”–Jonelle Murray (2017 MPM)


“Let’s take 2020 as the opportunity to switch our lifestyle based on solidarity and mutual understanding. From our sphere of influence let’s work together to overcome every challenge we face in life as persons, institutions, countries and humanity. Let’s shape a better future for all.”–Sarai Covarrubias (2018 MPP), Omar Camacho (2016 MPP)


“Crisis are an opportunity to test our resilience capacity and redesign ourselves. However, our attitude and character are fundamental ingredients to emerge victorious from the process. Do not forget those, your race is not over yet, you are entering to another level.”–Beatriz Canchari Hermitano (2019 MDP)


“I am honoured to be part of the global thinkers of public policy and I am committed to contribute to the establishment of the first economic association of Timor-Leste in order to contribute to the advancement of economic policies in Timor-Leste.”–Felizberto Araujo Duarte (2019 MPP)


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