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Korean Folk Village Tour: Experiencing Korean Traditional Culture

05 Apr, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,770

The importance of local traditional culture and history in explaining the underlying meanings of the behavior, worldview and modern lifestyle in a country cannot be overemphasized. As a foreigner studying abroad, taking time off to learn about the history and cultural heritage of your new home is very important. The KDI School, in efforts to provide all students, especially international students, the opportunity to know and understand the history, traditions and cultural heritage of Korea, organized a field trip to the Korean Folk Village in Gyeonggi-do.

On Friday, March 29, 2019, students woke up early to travel about 55 miles from Sejong-si to the Korean Folk Village located in the Gyeonggi-do Province. Upon arrival, students were taken on a tour around the beautiful Folk Village where they were introduced to the traditional heritage and culture of the Korean people who lived in the Joseon Dynasty. The tour allowed students to see and have a feel of traditional workshops, historical village schools, streets, farming villages, houses of the aristocrat families, and the amazing traditional Korean architecture.

At lunch time, students were treated to delicious traditional Korean foods including rice topped with bulgogi and mushrooms, pork cutlet, Soybean paste sauce “Bibimbab” and a variety of rice cakes. This was the first time some international students tasted Korean traditional food. Furthermore, students were taken through the process of making Korean rice cake and were allowed to make their own rice cakes.

The remaining session was what many of the students call the “fun session”. During this session, students had the chance to take pictures whilst cladded in traditional Korean outfits (known as Hanbok) and uniforms of the distinguished traditional scholars.

Finally, students were taken on a sightseeing adventure where they witnessed various performances including Farmers’ Music (known as nongak), martial arts display on horseback, and tightrope acrobatics.

According to many of the students, it was an amazing and educative trip and they look forward to more of such trips.