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KDIS students spearhead forums on global development issues

02 Aug, 2018 News Center 1,167

It was a busy summer semester for the student-led forums of KDI School, as there were many organized seminars that covered development issues from around the world.

The KDIS International Relations Forum kicked off the semester with a special lecture on the “One Belt, One Road Initiative: A New Window for Regional Integration” last May 24.

Invited as speaker was Mr. Qu Weixi, the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC), who elaborated on the possible opportunities provided by the various projects initiated by the People’s Republic of China, along with countries located in the historical Silk Road.

The second session of the semester was opened by the KDIS African Development Forum, with their special lecture on “South-South Cooperation: Asia-Africa Partnership for Sustainable Development”. Sharing his research experience in Malawi and other countries in Africa, Dr. Neissan Alessandro Beshrati, Senior Research Fellow at the at the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) and the BRICS Policy Centre (BPC), emphasized how international cooperation among developing countries actually provide greater benefits compared to aid provided by wealthier countries.

Also in attendance were special guests from the UNDP Seoul Office, the Organization of Ghana Students, and Associates of Korea.

Finally, the KDIS ASEAN Forum endedd the semester with a Student Brownbag Session with “Innovation and Resilience in the ASEAN”, wherein their own members served as speakers, who presented case studies from their respective countries.

Patricia Pasion (2018 MDP) presented a case study on “Knowledge Creation in Collaborative Governance: Philippine Vice President’s Angat Buhay [Uplifting Lives] Program” while Siti Mariam Sulaiman (2017 MDP) gave a presentation on “Economic Growth and Development in Malaysia: Policy Making and Leadership.”

The different student forums of KDI School provide an avenue to enrich their knowledge and discuss wide-ranging development issues from different regions around the world.Every semester, the Student Affairs Division supports activities of these forums and encourages students to form research groups by region or policy area of interest and propose academic activities for the semester, such as this one, and hopes that future students forums become just as successful.

Ranel Ram CHENG (2016 MPP, Philippines)