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KDIS Instagram Followers Share their Effort to Protect Environment

07 Jun, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,603

KDI School organized an Instagram event in relation to the ‘Precycling KDIS’ campaign. (Learn more about ‘Precycling KDIS’)

Starting last week of May, in response to KDI School’s event post on Instagram, our followers actively engaged with us and each other. Their excitement for highlighting their efforts to help the environment made the event post successful, with 164 “likes” and 50 comments. The event ran until June 5, which is designated by the United Nations as the World Environment Day.

20 posts were selected at random to show our appreciation. These lucky winners and environmentalists will soon receive a brand new KDI School mug! The winners are listed below. Congratulations winners!


amiableohmi_ / cancharihermitano / chimi_alchemy / dedesetiono / elllfff9 / evanurulfariha / generaloko / jullibah / lidicenahomi / maridies / marwa.osman.18 / mona.1908 / mstr.bean / nipta_indra / regzpa / rizkiadi / shohruh_avazov / singtogether / sitharnorbu / x_nargiza_


[Check out some of the impressive comments and ideas of the followers below]

Joyce434777 One thing I appreciated about being at KDIS was the efficient #transportation system. Since returning home, I protect our environment by Changing the way I commute to work: my options are now public transportation, carpool, bike, or walk (if it’s not raining) rather than driving my car all by yourself. This has started a following in my country of persons that are doing the same.

onesishi To protect environment, when I am reading class materials and books I prefer soft copies on my laptop so as to avoid printing them on papers 📝 because they are produced from trees. Cutting trees to produce papers is not good for our environment. Save trees for for the future of our 🌎 🌏 🌍 🌲 🌳

mstr.bean Using own tumbler! Separate trash for recycling! And… Be pressured to buy iPad for paperless life…

naandigeo In each place I reduce the use of energy and I usually commute by bicycle. In KDIS and wherever we go, I consider it important that we follow the recycling rules and the correct disposal of food waste

jullibahI try to reduce the usage of plastic and use ecobags as well ^^ I don’t print out guidelines or materials at least it is necessary for submission, using digital or already printed books, and so that I avoid the use and accumulation of needless paper =)


These are photos of Dede Puji Setiono(2018 MDP), Achmad Indra Niptama(2016 MPP), Shokhrukh Normurodovich Avazov(2014MDP), and a prospective student from Bhutan.