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KDI Sisters: Grow Together, Embrace Each Other

30 Jun, 2019 KDIS News Center 4,242

How does it feel to study and live together in the same environment as a sibling? Let’s meet two pairs of sisters here at KDI School, Lee Ahreum and Lee Da Woon from the Republic of Korea and Sarah Demnati and Meryem Demnati from Morocco.

“One of the best things about studying together with your sibling at the same school is having someone to exchange and discuss opinions and ideas on any topics of interest,” said Ahreum. Ahreum and Da Woon entered KDI School in the fall of 2018. Both of them major in Master of Development Policy as they have same interest in development studies. Da Woon added that even though school life could be tough sometimes, it is great that we could rely on each other whenever hard times come. When asked about the downside of being siblings at same school, they did not indicate any contradiction of being sisters in one school, rather it is a fun experience for them. Interestingly, some of their classmates and peers find it hard to believe they are sisters! Nearly all of them always express amazement upon finding out and inevitably have quite a few curious questions for the sisters.

Another story comes from Sarah Demnati and Meryem Demnati. As international students from Morocco, attending school in a foreign country is already a unique experience, and learning that they both secured admission to KDI School was thrilling for them. They joined us in the spring of 2019, with relatively different interests. Sarah chose to major in Public Management, while Meryem major in Development Policy. Being at the same school still brings benefits such as sharing recommendations about interesting classes and coming to each other’s aid in tough times. Sarah said, “It’s nice to know that we have family right here to support, especially during exams.” Sarah and Demnati also receives many questions such as whether they are twins, which one is older and etc.

In the end, life as sisters in one school has been great for all of them. They have grown closer, helped each other, and been there for one another as support systems who are able to fully understand each other’s situations and difficulties.