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KDI School-World Bank Global Delivery Initiative Case Study Workshop

02 Apr, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,164

The Case Study workshop provided a space where KDI students from all around the world and participants from local organizations could share their operational knowledge, insights, and the lessons they learned in their home countries to better comprehend development methods while coming up with solutions and mechanisms that can contribute to getting things done practically.

Becoming better development practitioners

The workshop delivered a meaningful opportunity for participants to get involved in practical research and shed new light on important delivery challenges faced in developing countries. Attendees were immersed in a dynamic learning process through small and large group discussions, as well as activities and exercises that allowed them to practice, apply the concepts that were learned throughout the day, and share the experiences they’ve had in their home countries.

Participants were guided by the members of the World Bank GDI Team Katsumasa Hamaguchi who is a senior knowledge management specialist with vast experience in operations and evaluation and Blair Cameron who is a GDI Consultant with extensive experience in conducting research and writing case studies on public policy implementation around the world.

The experts and participants were able to analyze diverse cases from Asia, African and South America; understand the concept framework around GDI; and learn how to produce a case study by tracing implementation processes while focusing on practitioners and implementation to generate useful lessons and insights that share knowledge and inform the design and implementation of interventions for better results.

KDI and GDI Partnership

We are faced with a need to produce better, more consistent results that meet the desired development outcomes; therefore, sharing operational knowledge is vital.

KDI School is one of GDI’s most important partners: Dr. Jeong Pyo Choi, President of KDIS is an Advisory Board member and Dr. Taejong Kim is a steering committee member. So far, KDIS and GDI have produced seven delivery case studies based on the Knowledge Sharing Program Modularization that is now available in the Global Delivery Library. Also, KDIS and GDI are currently producing 17 more case studies on students’ development experiences in their home countries that will certainly contribute to our knowledge sharing efforts and improvements to development interventions.

By Gabriela Michelle Lemus Orellana (2018 MPM, El Salvador)

Photo by Mark Sefa Aboagye (2018 MPM, Ghana)