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KDI School-World Bank Global Delivery Initiative Case Study Program

08 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,951

As a partner of the Global Delivery Initiative (, KDI School aims to share development experiences and lessons focusing on implementation and results providing the best available operational know-how to support practitioners in making better-informed decisions. The Global Delivery Library ( provides various cases to share how development practitioners have solved implementation challenges.

The selected KDI School authors of GDI case studies implement field research projects about government reform case studies in their respective home countries after enrolling in the “Government Reform Case Writing Practicum” course, offered since 2017. This course advises students in drafting their own case study proposals following the GDI approach developed by the World Bank. With the World Bank team’s quality assurance support, each student drafts, edits, and develops their case studies through various case clinics.

Among the students enrolled in the 2019 summer semester’s “Government Reform Case Writing Practicum”, a total of 9 students’ GDI cases have been selected. The selected cases cover countries from the Republic of Korea, Ghana, Belize, Indonesia, Peru, Kazakhstan, and Uganda, and each student has been deployed for government reform case study field research in their home countries. These 9 final case studies are planned to be published in the GDI Library in early 2020.

Hyelim Kim’s (MDP 2018) interview with InGi Kim, Deputy Director of Smartcity Division, Daejeon City (Republic of Korea).

Olabanji Samuel Ogunjobi’s (MPP 2019) interview with the Chairman of the Ago-Iwoye Community Development Council (Nigeria).

Yani Parasti Siregar (MDP 2018) with interviewee from the Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery of Indonesia.

Beatriz Canchari Hermitano’s (MDP 2019) interview with Jessica Tsamajain, Chief Tuntanain Communal Reserve National Authority of Protected Areas (Sernanp, in Spanish) of Peru.

Joseph Ssekitoleko’s (MPM 2018) interview with Mr. Moses Zziwa, Commissioner Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (Uganda).

All of the 9 cases will be showcased during the ‘KDI School-World Bank Global Delivery Initiative Seminar’, which will be hosted on November 13th, 2019 at the Main Auditorium (6F, KDI School). The seminar will also cover a GDI methodologies presentation delivered by the World Bank’s GDI case study specialist, as well as 5 cases from the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda delivered by both KDI School alumni and currently enrolled students. The event will also have a panel discussion to further discuss the cases currently being drafted. Details of this seminar can be found on KDI School website.

As of October 2019, KDI School and GDI have produced up to 18 delivery case studies and are in the process of producing 10 more case studies by the end of 2019. The case studies uploaded in the GDI Library will contribute to building an evidence base of delivery know-how that informs development practitioners’ decision making on the ground.

New cases will also be chosen for the 2020-2021 GDI Case Study from among proposals submitted by those enrolled in next year’s “Government Reform Case Writing Practicum” course. The selected students will be deployed for government reform case study field research in their home countries and the final case studies will be published in the GDI Library.