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KDI School Welcomes New Students of MPPM Program

04 Sep, 2020 KDIS News Center 944

KDI School of Public Policy and Management held an orientation for new students of the MPPM program for Fall 2020. Dean Jong-Il You initiated the orientation with a word of welcome to the students, encouraging the students to make good use of the opportunities available at KDI School and congratulating them on their acceptance to KDI School.

Following the welcoming remarks, Professor Kwon Jung introduced the MPPM program; its goals, distinguished programs, and plans of operation, as well as graduation requirements. The MPPM program is distinguished as it is the first program in KDIS that teaches all courses in the Korean language. The goal of the program is to gain insights to respond to prioritized policy issues, inclusive leadership, and uncertainty. In addition, the program seeks to foster integrated leaders who lead the paradigm innovation of the future society. This is accomplished through self-directed and “short-form” classes, that is, intensified and focused programs that assist students to have preemptive discovery. The program requires students to take 42 credits in order to graduate.

Next, Professor June Soo Lee introduced the Policy Practicum, whose goal is to have innovative policy creation through reverse engineering. Professor Lee mentioned innovative policy creation as a blueprint and contrasted the individual research project with the capstone and thesis requirements. Professor Lee explained the process of acquiring the individual research project credits and the process of forming the POS committee in order to do so.

Professor TaeJun Lee introduced the global policy workshop, scholarship activities and student club support. The global policy workshop is to build a network between with the alumni and it is recognized as a 1.5 credit course. The professor also mentioned the requirements for each scholarship: entrance, academic excellence, and serving as a class assistant.

The event was adjourned, and participants received a small gift of KDIS goods.