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KDI School Talk Show

29 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,016

KDI School provides students with many opportunities to learn not only from lectures but also through peer-learning and sharing. KDI School Student clubs are mainly initiated and organized by students themselves to strengthen communication, build networks and friendships as well as to learn from each other through fun activities in a friendly environment.

The KDIS Talks Club is one of many such student clubs. It was newly initiated by Somaya Iqubal, a 2019 Spring MPM candidate. The KDIS Talks Club organized its first KDIS Talkshow on 19th November 2019 at Lincoln Hall, KDI School. Two special guest speakers, Professor Kim, Dong-Young, and Professor Lee, Junesoo, were invited to talk about their life’s journey, sharing valuable lessons that offered guiding words of wisdom to all. Prof. Kim shared how important it is to connect all the dots in life to reach where you want to go, whereas Prof. Lee described how one can learn from failures and manage success well.

One of the student speakers was the founder and president of the KDIS Talks Club, Somaya Iqubal. She talked about the importance of well-being, mental health, and how one needs to be empathetic towards others. She demonstrated an anxiety attack through performance poetry and later explained how one could reach out to someone in need to extend support.

Many club members were helping out and supported the club to make the first talkshow a big event. Francis Usher helped moderate, whereas Naihean Huo, Nargiza Khamidova, Pyae Pyae Kaung, Nipuni Anupama, Le Hang Bui, Sarah Demnati, Maryem Demnati, Kamolchanok Reansuwong, Samantha Chico and Loqman Kessour supported the stage work, promotion and mobilization. The great teamwork proved that if you come together with the motivation to work hard, anything can be achieved.

An overwhelming number of audience members turned up for the talkshow, making it a very successful event. The students took back their lessons for life and the KDIS Talk event proved itself through a real sense of humanity, empathy and support for one another.

Behind this initiation, there is a story.

“I have always been passionate about people, empathy and humanity, which is why my career path has directed me towards service to humanity. I believe there is so much we can learn from each other. Our struggles, successes, experiences build a story that has many lessons we can all learn from. Therefore, I wanted to establish a platform where people can come and share their life’s learning. I call this a ‘human library,’ where we read people. Since our time at KDIS is going to be one of the most precious times of our lives and our faculty are our guiding stars, it was a wonderful opportunity to invite them to share their own stories with us so that we could get a chance to know them better and learn from their journey,” says Somaya.

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