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KDI School Student’s Forums: Knowledge Across Continent

03 May, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,465

The international environment at KDI School brings a lot of advantages to the KDIS community. It is a community where people can engage with and understand diverse cultures around the world. As learning is not only acquired in the classroom, but can also happen through engagement with people, KDI School opens the opportunity for students to establish their own forums according to their interests. This year, KDI School has five student forums which are thriving, sharing knowledge about current global issues and cultural exchanges across continents. These are the African Development Forum, ASEAN Forum, International Relations Forum, Latin America and Caribbean Forum, and the Middle East Forum, which all students can join depending on their interests.

The African Development Forum has organized several activities, beginning with a welcome meeting to introduce the forum to new students, talent shows where students can show their talents of singing, poem reading, and dancing, an Ubuntu meeting to discuss about the African community at KDI School, and a social gathering where students can discuss their experiences and life at KDI School.

African Talent Show


Welcome Meeting


The ASEAN Forum organized three activities to share and build a better understanding of the ASEAN region for the KDIS community. They began with a Welcome Assembly, to introduce new members to the forum through a short introductory program and gift-giving activity. As for social activities, the ASEAN Forum held an ASEAN Movie Night in collaboration with the KDIS Movie Club. Lastly, they held a Student Brownbag Session, with the theme of “Policy Strategies on Tourism for Development” of Laos and Vietnam.

Welcome Assembly


Student Brown Bag Session


The International Relations Forum is for students who are interested in current global issues, inviting experts to speak on a given topic. This year, the forum held two seminars on the topic of “North Korea-US talks, and their impact on the Korean Peninsula and globe”. The speaker was Prof. Lee J. Ernst, Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Technology & Innovation, Hanyang University. The second seminar was a joint activity with the Middle East Forum, focusing on “The UN and International peace and security”. The presenter was Prof. Oh Joon, a professor of UN studies at Kyung Hee University.

Seminar on the UN International Peace and Security


Seminar on North Korea-US talks, its Impact on the Korean Peninsula and the Globe


The Latin America and Caribbean Forum focused on providing special lectures and cultural activities for the KDIS community, in order to provide a wider spectrum of knowledge about the Latin American and the Caribbean region. A special lecture was held about Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Response in Brazil, and the forum hosted a Latin Cultural Night, where KDIS students could taste Mexican food, and learn about languages and dancing.

Seminar on Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Response in Brazil


Latin Cultural Night


The Middle East Forum has collaborated with the International Relations Forum and Muslim Community Club in holding their activities. The first activity was about the UN and international peace and security, inviting H.E Ambassador Oh Joon as the speaker; the second activity was a special lecture about Fasting Etiquette in Islam, to spread knowledge about Muslim culture in the Middle East.

Special Lecture Interfaith Ramadan


Student Forums help the KDIS community to enhance their knowledge, create cultural understanding, and to live in harmony with others. KDI School helps students to express their interests through various activities, and the Student Forums are open to everyone at KDIS, regardless of background.