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KDI School spring 2016 alumni sporting event

01 Aug, 2016 News Center 1,232

The alumni network at KDI School is one of its most prized assets. Far reaching, both domestically and internationally, it is imperative for the School to keep in touch and manage its alumni members. One of the most important alumni events during the first half of each year is the KDI School Alumni Spring Hiking Event.

Unfortunately, the long-held tradition was interrupted last year due to the outbreak of MERS. Faced with the unexpected risk of having the event cease in existence, KDI School decided to do something a little more unique and special in lieu of the incumbent hiking event. The School, therefore, invited alumni members to Sejong city and KDI School’s brand new campus for a Sports Day Event. The event was drawn up along the line of thought that alumni members, primarily those residing in Korea, could come for a nice relaxing day and even bring their families for some fun sporting activities and a nice fulfilling meal together.

The event got under way on May 21 (Saturday) 2016. The full-day event included a round-trip chauffeured bus service to KDI School’s brand new Sejong Campus, a host of sporting activities, alumni luncheon, and KDI School campus tour. A total of 56 alumni members attended the event in addition to KDI School staff and faculty members.

To minimize the risk of injury, the School came up with some fun and unique sporting events such as the shoe toss game (throwing a shoe into a hoop suspended in air with your foot), piggy bank race (using a broomstick to steer a plastic piggy bank around a circuit), and a water bowl race (running while balancing a bowl full of water on top of your head).

The ensuing School tour took alumni members around the campus facilities including the KDI history hall, the Global Development Learning Network center (KDI School serves as the global secretariat for GDLN), the Central Library. Alumni member Ha Jun-sik said, “It’s hard to fathom. Compared to what we used to have in the old campus in Seoul, this is so much better. If I had the choice, I’d definitely study here.” Some alumni members even sat down to use some of the new computers and equipment inside the library such as the 24/7 library kiosk.

Mr. Kang Dong-wan, KDI School alumni and current staff member at the School’s Planning Division said, “It’s truly great to see some old and familiar faces at School. I was a little worried because the event didn’t take place last year. But overall, I think this year’s event was a huge success. I definitely look forward to participating again next year.”

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