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2018 KDIS Song and Dance Festival

23 Jul, 2018 Stella Conselho 2,032


KDI School Song and Dance Festival: one of the most awaited events organized by KDI School since 2015. This year, KDI School held its annual song and dance festival on June 6th 2018 showcasing an array of talented students who chose to perform either individually or as group performances. A unique opportunity to experience vast traditions and cultures in one single early evening.

This year, ten different groups took the stage to blow the audience way through music and dance. After all, what better way to catch a break and let off some stem from the intensive Summer Semester? To facilitate the event and ensure smooth transitions, HUTCHINSON, Charlee and PASION, Patricia exercised the role of Mistress of Ceremony.

To kick-off the show, MegaWomen (6 participants) took the stage starting off with a ballet performance which quickly changed pace exhibiting the fusion of the diverse dancing cultures embedded in the one group. Next, the Pajama Girls (3) brought the audience back to K-pop music culture and the ‘cute’ trend of Korea. Not only did the following group; Kurik Kundi (6), share Malaysian traditional dance but also showcased their traditional attire which had the audience amazed by its exotic beauty. However, what it a dance festival with no romance? Sabor a Mi (2) made sure to slow things down with a Latin ballad leaving hearts to long for some romance, over the guitarist’s strings. Reaching the halfway mark, Captain Ko (1) ensured that if anyone had fallen asleep they would be right on their feet in no time through his high vocal talent. The sixth group to present; Grace (4), delivered a magnificent number on the song title ‘Halo’ that got the crowds not only singing along, but also moving to the smoothing melody of the instrumentalists. Bringing back a feel for the Caribbean and Latin music spirit, Dance-Varsity (6) fused some dance styles resembling salsa, contemporary reggae ton, and K-pop. Closing the gap, L.D.K (1) performed a solo smoothing low-pitched Korean ballad displaying a different side to the Korean music trend. After making an almost 360 trip around the globe, Colorful Africa took the stage representing the continent’s diversity in dance moves. Last but not least, V team (5), leaving us to either interpret the V as Volunteers or Victims, brought the exciting event to a close with an upbeat pace performance to Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk hit, which got the audience dancing from their seats.

Wrapping up, to assist in the process of selecting the best out of the best, the undesired challenging task was left to the judges; Associate Dean, Professor LEE, Jinsoo, Professor KIM, Booyuel, MPM Representative Ms. THADAR, Khin, and DA Mr. Shin Kyungjae (Daniel). A tight competition and surprising turn of events; taking home the Third Place Prize was ‘MegaWomen’, Second Place Prize ‘Dance-Varsity’ and the First Place Prize went to; ‘VTeam’.

Overall, the festival was a successful event and the party did not end at the venue. On the contrary, students gathered around to continue the celebrations off campus over dinner, drinks and the World Cup football games that were still proceeding. Nonetheless, it was a remarkable night which gave many students an opportunity to socialize and see some old faces of graduate students of KDI School who dropped by to enjoy the popular festival and cheer the brave performers.                  


Stella CONSELHO (2018 MDP, Mozambique)